Northern Ireland

Fianna Fail MEP candidate aims to be ‘conduit’ for Northern Ireland in Europe

Niall Blaney said the Brexit referendum vote in Northern Ireland ‘should be respected’.

Niall Blaney is the Fianna Fail spokesman on Northern Ireland
Niall Blaney is the Fianna Fail spokesman on Northern Ireland (Damien Storan/PA)

A candidate in the upcoming MEP elections has said that he will be a “conduit” for Northern Ireland at the European Parliament.

Fianna Fail candidate Niall Blaney is promising to represent the interests of Northern Ireland if he is elected in the June 7 poll.

Mr Blaney, who is a senator in the Republic of Ireland’s Seanad, said that Northern Ireland voted to remain in the EU and added “that wish should be respected”.

“I intend being the conduit for Northern Ireland and will raise issues on the floor of the Parliament that pertain to Northern Ireland.

“Northern Ireland cannot be left behind. It has a deal that allows it tremendous access to both the EU and GB, but no representation where all the key EU decisions on food, farming and funding packages are made.

“That is one of the unfortunate outcomes of Brexit.”

Mr Blaney, the Fianna Fail spokesman on Northern Ireland, added: “I’m from a southern border county and know the extent to which we are interdependent on one another. Our border economy can grow and achieve much more and I intend to lead that initiative from a position of strength.

“In conversations I’ve had in the north, it’s clear there’s a strong desire by politicians from the main parties and business and industry to retain a strong foothold in the EU at regulatory and parliamentary levels.

“I will do all I can to fulfil that role which I think is essential and wholly justified.”