Northern Ireland

Election results: Newry, Mourne and Down

The SDLP's Gareth Sharvin is elected at the Newry count. Picture by Mal McCann
The SDLP's Gareth Sharvin is elected at the Newry count. Picture by Mal McCann


SEATS (change since 2014):

SF 16 (+2), SDLP 11 (-3), UUP 4 (+1), DUP 3 (-1), All 2 (-), Ind 5 (+2), Ukip 0 (-1)

CROTLIEVE (Quota: 1,641)

Jarlath Tinnelly (Ind)1,412

Gerry O'Hare (SF) 1,286

Mark Gibbons (Ind) 1,189

Declan McAteer (SDLP) 1,175

Karen McKevitt (SDLP) 1,116

Mickey Ruane (SF) 812

Oksana McMahon (SF) 809

Michael Carr (SDLP) 808

Jim Boylan (Ind) 788

Joshua Lowry (UUP) 712

Mary Tinnelly (Ind) 519

Lorcan McGreevy (All) 483

Wilma McCullough (DUP) 371


Jarlath Tinnelly (Ind) 5th count

Gerry O’Hare (SF) 6th count

Mark Gibbons (Ind) 9th count

Declan McAteer (SDLP) 9th count

Karen McKevitt (SDLP) 9th count

Mickey Ruane (SF) 9th count


DOWNPATRICK (Quota: 1,232)

Gareth Sharvin (SDLP) 1,395

Cadogan Enright (Ind) 1,052

Oonagh Hanlon (SF) 1,032

Dermot Curran (SDLP) 940

Jordan Madden (SF) 833

John Trainor (SDLP) 664

Macartan Digney (Aontú) 475

Tiernan Laird (All) 375

Alex Burgess (UUP) 345

James Savage (DUP) 149

Jamie Kennedy (Green) 128


Gareth Sharvin (SDLP) 1st count

Cadogan Enright (Ind) 5th count

Dermot Curran (SDLP) 6th count

Oonagh Hanlon (SF) 7th count

John Trainor (SDLP) 7th count

NEWRY (Quota: 1415)

Gavin Malone (Ind) 2,296

Liz Kimmins (SF) 1,374

Michael Savage (SDLP) 1,231

Charlie Casey (SF) 1,230

Valerie Harte (SF) 1,045

Gary John Strokes (SDLP) 878

Sarah Jane McAllister (SF) 784

Helena Young (All) 721

Ricky McGaffin (UUP) 341


Gavin Malone (Ind) 1st count

Liz Kimmins (SF) 2nd count

Michael Savage (SDLP) 2nd count

Charlie Casey (SF) 2nd count

Valerie Harte (SF) 5th count

Gary John Stokes (SDLP) 6th count


ROWALLANE (Quota: 1295)

Patrick Brown (All) 1,416

Harry Harvey (DUP) 1,265

Terry Andrews (SDLP) 1,211

William Walker (DUP) 985

Robert Burgess (UUP) 842

Walter Lyons (UUP) 667

Marianne Cleary (SF) 622

Martyn Todd (Ind) 477

Emma Cairns (Green) 182

Liam Mulhern (Aontú) 99


Patrick Brown (All) 1st count

Terry Andrews (SDLP) 2nd count

Harry Harvey (DUP) 4th count

William Walker (DUP) 6th count

Robert Burgess (UUP) 6th count

SLIEVE CROOB (Quota 1364)

Alan Lewis (UUP) 1,303

Cathy Mason (SF) 1,069

Roisin Howell (SF) 1,035

John Rice (SF) 884

Hugh Gallagher (SDLP) 880

Maynard Hanna (DUP) 868

Gregory Bain (All) 863

Mark Murnin (SDLP) 796

Tracy Harkin (Aontú) 481


Alan Lewis (UUP) 3rd count

Cathy Mason (SF) 5th count

Roisin Howell (SF) 5th count

Hugh Gallagher (SDLP) 6th count

Gregory Bain (All) 6th count

SLIEVE GULLION (Quota: 1,566)

Terry Hearty (SF) 1,876

Mickey Larkin (SF) 1,646

Pete Byrne (SDLP) 1,643

Oonagh Magennis (SF) 1,622

Roisin Mulgrew (SF) 1,362

Barra O Muiri (SF) 1,351

David Taylor (UUP) 1,287

Kate Loughran (SDLP) 1,059

Balazs Gazdag (All) 361

Linda Henry (DUP) 315


Terry Hearty (SF) 1st count

Mickey Larkin (SF) 1st count

Pete Byrne (SDLP) 1st count

Oonagh Magennis (SF) 1st count

Barra O Muiri (SF) 2nd count

David Samuel Taylor (UUP) 3rd count

Roisin Mulgrew (SF) 4th count

THE MOURNES (Quota: 1,514)

Glyn Hanna (DUP) 1,944

Sean Doran (SF) 1,885

Laura Devlin (SDLP) 1,572

Harold McKee (UUP) 1,455

Henry Reilly (Ind) 1,447

Willie Clarke (SF) 1,154

Leanne McEvoy (SF) 1,097

Andrew McMurray (All) 943

Brian Quinn (SDLP) 607


Glyn Hanna (DUP) 1st count

Sean Doran (SF) 1st count

Laura Devlin (SDLP) 1st count

Harold McKee (UUP) 2nd count

Henry Reilly (Ind) 2nd count

Willie Clarke (SF) 7th count

Leeanne McEvoy (SF) 7th count