Enoch Burke sent back to prison

Schoolteacher repeatedly disrupted Friday’s High Court hearing

Enoch Burke
Enoch Burke

Secondary school teacher Enoch Burke will remain in prison for contempt of court after refusing a High Court offer of release over Easter.

Mr Burke was jailed for a second time in September for refusing to give an undertaking to abide by a court order to stay away from the school where he previously worked.

A High Court hearing on Friday ended with Mr Burke being removed from the courtroom by prison officers at the direction of the judge and returned to Mountjoy Prison, where he has spent 300 days to date.

Mr Burke’s mother Martina and sister Ammi were also ordered to leave the courtroom, while his brother Isaac was removed twice by gardaí.

Mr Justice Mark Sanfey said he had intended to release the schoolteacher from prison and give him the two-week holidays at Easter to reflect and “find a better way” or a different strategy.

However, Mr Burke repeatedly interrupted the judge and accused him of colluding with lawyers for the school.