Barry Keoghan to inspire foster care children with acting workshop

Hollywood star lived with 13 foster families during childhood

Barry Keoghan is nominated for Saltburn
Barry Keoghan. PICTURE: PA (Ian West/PA)

Dublin actor Barry Keoghan is to host an event with foster care children aiming to show them how they can get started towards a career in the film industry.

The Saltburn star is taking part in the upcoming workshop event in England’s Pinewood Studios, where he will talk directly with children in foster car on how to “reach their dreams” in film and television.

Keoghan (31), spent seven years in foster homes along with his brother after they were taken into care when he was aged just five.

His mother died of a heroin overdose when he was aged 12.

The Bafta award winner lived with 13 families during his time in foster care, before eventually living with his grandmother and older sister.

He is working with screen acting training group Actors Studio on the workshop, which will involve children from the Diverse Care Fostering organisation.

In a post to Instagram, a Diverse Care spokesperson said of the children taking part: “They will be spending the day with BAFTA award winning actor Barry Keoghan.

Barry Keoghan in Saltburn. PICTURE: PRIME VIDEO
Barry Keoghan in Saltburn.

“Having grown up in foster care himself, Barry has long had a goal of showing kids in care that there are opportunities and pathways for them in the film industry and is looking forward to inspiring them to reach for their dreams. Thanks to Actors Studio, this is a soon to be an enjoyed reality.”

Keoghan, whose roles also include the Joker in 2022′s The Batman, said in a reply to the social media post: “Looking forward to this lads. Thank you for making this happen. Truly.”

Actors Studio has described the star, who is one of the most in-demand actors in Hollywood, as “passionate about supporting and inspiring the next generation of acting talent in to the industry”.

“We are looking forward to see what he does next in his so far amazing career,” a spokesperson added.

The Banshees of Inisherin actor spoke of his traumatic childhood during an interview with GQ magazine back in January.

He spoke of his mother, Debbie, when asked who he thought about when he felt alone and isolated.

“Obviously, my mother. My mother, always. She’s many years passed now, but I always think about her anyway,” he said, before adding that he thought of her when he was nominated for acting awards.

“It’s always just in and around achievements that it’s really prominent—'cause you’d like to celebrate that with her.”