Maxol commences roll-out of biofuel at select forecourts

Family-owned retailer introduces Maxol hvoPRO at five sites in the north

Maxol branded fuel tanker lorry with hvoPRO lettering.
Maxol has introduced hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) at five sites in the north, with plans to expand the roll-out across the island.

Forecourt retailer Maxol has commenced the rollout of hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) at select sites across the island.

The family-owned company has introduced the biofuel at five locations in Northern Ireland and three in the Republic, with plans to expand the roll-out.

HVO has been backed by some industry insiders as a low cost solution for achieving low emission targets.

Sourced from waste fats and oils and manufactured by a synthesised process with hydrogen, those advocating its use claim it can cut carbon emissions by up to 90 per cent.

A number of organisations and public authorities have already been trialling its use. Maxol said 30% of its fleet currently run on HVO.

The forecourt retailer has already introduced HVO fuel in Mallusk and Townparks in Co Antrim; Eglinton in Derry; Ballymore in west Belfast; and Tannaghmore on the A26 from Antrim to Ballymena.

“Maxol hvoPRO underlines our commitment to customer choice and is a key element of our strategy to be a leading provider of greener fuels across the island of Ireland,” said Maxol boss Brian Donaldson.

“We are hugely focused on mobility innovation, and this includes providing lower emission fuels and EV charging solutions for our private motorists, fleet and fuel card customers.”