Belfast gym strengthens market position by tripling floorspace

Hench Gym
Hench founder Rory Girvan and head strength coach Conor Johnson

Belfast-based strength coaching company Hench has trebled its floor space after moving from College Street to a new 7,500 ft bespoke facility on Cromac Street.

And it plans to add to its six-strong staff roster by recruiting for new team members.

Founded by Rory Girvan in 2013, Hench has worked with more than 5,000 members, benefitting from it claims is its unique approach to strength training.

Hench transforms the traditional gym experience, focusing on strength training with a unique ‘Mind Over Matter’ approach that prioritises personalised coaching, reserved equipment, and flexible scheduling.

Its mission is to help members become ‘Stronger For Life’, emphasising a holistic, sustainable approach to fitness that integrates physical strength with mental resilience.

Mr Girvan said: “With the opening of our new, state-of-the-art gym at 10-14 Cromac Street, Hench now comprises over 7,500 sq ft of world-class facilities with modern, high-quality equipment reserved for each member during their sessions.

Hench Gym
The Hench team at the gym's new Belfast premises on Cromac Street

“Our services include personalised strength coaching, flexible habit coaching, progress tracking through technology, medical-grade body composition analysis, and wellness amenities like cryotherapy and infrared saunas. All these facilities support our members in their journey to achieving their unique goals while becoming stronger and healthier.”

He added: “Our high customer retention rate, above 97%, is a testament to our effective business and coaching models.

“Hench aims to be a leader in the strength training industry, recognised for our innovative experience and approach to fitness that combines physical and mental health. This extension is only the beginning.”

Head strength coach Conor Johnson said that positive customer feedback and rapidly growing membership are clear indicators that Hench’s different approach to sustainable results, overall well-being, and personalised fitness is paying dividends both for the company and its members.