Former RUC officer: No evidence that Captain Robert Nairac was involved in murder of IRA member

Captain Robert Nairac, who was murdered in 1977, has been accused of involvement in the killing of IRA member John Francis Green in 1975. Picture from RTÉ
John Monaghan

A FORMER RUC officer who investigated the murder of a senior IRA member has said there is no evidence that British Army captain Robert Nairac was involved in his killing.

Captain Nairac was accused of being responsible for the killing of John Francis Green, an IRA member from Lurgan who was shot dead in a farmhouse in Co Monaghan in January 1975.

Undercover soldier Nairac was himself abducted from a pub car park in Dromintee, south Armagh, in May 1977 and later murdered in Ravensdale, Co Louth. His body has never been found.

The retired RUC detective spent two years investigating the accusation that Nairac was involved in the 1975 shooting - claimed by the UVF - and told the BBC that there was no evidence to support the allegation.

He has offered to help the Ministry of Defence contest any future legal case.

However, another former army captain and military intelligence officer, Fred Holroyd, said Nairac had confessed to the shooting and has offered to give evidence in secret court hearings.

Mr Holroyd said: "I am happy to meet the retired RUC officer and for him and I to clarify this. However, I maintain my account."

Leo Green, a former IRA hunger striker who spent 17 years in prison, said the family believed British intelligence were involved in the killing of his brother.

Mr Green said that his family "very much empathise" with the Nairacs and called on anyone with information about his remains to come forward.

He said: "We have a place where we can go to...we have had that place since he died. The Nairac family have none of that and we think very much that they are entitled to that."

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