UU students calls for removal of former professor's title

Students at Ulster University want Professor Emeritus Richard Lynn to be stripped of his title
Students at Ulster University want Professor Emeritus Richard Lynn to be stripped of his title

Ulster University chiefs are considering stripping a former staff member of his title.

The university is expected to make a decision on whether to remove Professor Richard Lynn’s title in the near future.

Mr Lynn currently holds the title Professor Emeritus, which is conferred on some retired academics.

A psychology graduate, Professor Lynn has carried out extensive research in the area of intelligence.

In the past his views on intelligence between people of different races and sexes have strongly divided opinion.

He has previously claimed that men are more intelligent than women.

The 87-year-old is assistant editor of Mankind Quarterly, which is published by the Ulster Institute for Social Research, of which Professor Lynn is president.

On its website the magazine says it has “earned a reputation for publishing articles in controversial areas, including behavioural race differences and the importance of mental ability for individual outcomes and group differences”.

The move against Professor Lynn came after the Students Union passed a motion calling for the “revocation” of his title.

The student body also distanced itself from the views held by Professor Lynn and reaffirmed its commitment “to making UU a welcoming and inclusive environment for all students”.

The student group believes that the positions advocated by Professor Lynn violate the university’s good relations policy.

It is understood that at a meeting of the UU student council last week 29 members voted in favour of the motion while one person opposed it and there were two abstentions.

Kevin McStravock
Kevin McStravock

UU student union president Kevin McStravock said: “We go under the good relations policy and I think that was the key concern about the impact his views have on good relations.”

A spokeswoman for the Ulster University said: "Professor Richard Lynn no longer works for Ulster University nor does he contribute to our research and teaching.

“The University reserves the right to withdraw an emeritus title after due consideration of all relevant information and notification to the retired academic of a decision reached to do so.

“The University has been actively considering this and a decision will be reached shortly."