Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jimmy Kimmel among stars celebrating Independence Day

Arnold Schwarzenegger (Isabel Infantes/PA)
Arnold Schwarzenegger (Isabel Infantes/PA)

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jimmy Kimmel were among the celebrities wishing fans well on Independence Day in the US.

The actor, bodybuilder and former governor of California said he was “made in America” and reminded fans to spend time with friends and family.

The national holiday takes place each year on July 4 to mark the adoption of the Declaration Of Independence in 1776, with fireworks and patriotic celebrations across the US.

Terminator star Schwarzenegger posted a picture of himself in an American flag jacket with a matching hat, next to a large statue of a bear.

“Happy 4th of July! I was born in Austria, but I am Made in America,” he captioned the photo.

“Consider this your official reminder: put your phone down, turn off the social media, get outside, BBQ, and spend some time with your friends and family.”

US talk show host Kimmel posted a collection of photos in which he was dressed in various red, white and blue and flag-themed outfits.

He wrote: “Over the years, fashion experts and famous designers often ask ‘Why do you dress like this on the 4th of July?’ and my answer is two-fold…

“#1 – because, for better or worse, I love this country and #2 – because Marshall’s had a sale. Happy Independence Day to my fellow Americans.”

Kim Kardashian posted similar themed-outfit pictures on her Instagram story, captioning them “Happy July 4th”.

Other celebrities wishing fans well included British chef Jamie Oliver, and actors Mark Wahlberg and Halle Berry.

Oscar-winning actress Berry posted a picture of herself and another of partner Van Hunt, dressed in a dressing gown and novelty daisy glasses.

“Can’t ruin my vibe today … and you damn sure can’t ruin his! Happy 4th to you and yours!!,” she wrote.

British rock star Ozzy Osbourne posted a tribute to his wife Sharon as the day coincided with their 41st wedding anniversary.

“Happy Anniversary My Love! July 4, 1982,” he wrote, sharing a picture of the day.