Reporter delivers news live while riding a skateboard

Reporter Victor Williams has gone viral for showcasing his skateboarding skills while delivering the news.

A reporter in the US has gone viral after delivering a news segment while riding a skateboard.

While reporting for Local 4 WDIV Detroit on a new skatepark in the city, Victor Williams took to his board and did a few laps and tricks.

“Victor, you are so cool,” his colleague can be heard saying in the news studio.

Tweeting a video of his skills, Mr Williams wrote: “Free skateboarding lessons are happening at a new skatepark in Detroit… of course I had to show the kids something.

“In all seriousness – as a child, I would have killed for a new park and mentors in the skateboarding community.

“Glad to see it’s happening in Detroit.”

Mr Williams has been skateboarding since he was eight, according to the clip.

Commenting on the video, which now has more than one million views on Twitter, the news channel said Mr Williams has “set the bar for best action live shot”.

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