Twitter users share bizarre food trends in effort to eat ‘St Louis style'

Spreading peanut butter on the outside of a sandwich is just one way to eat ‘St Louis style'.

Eating raw noodles and tying your socks around your ankles are just some of the bizarre ways Twitter users are trying to make everyday tasks “St Louis style”.

The odd trend comes after American user Alek Krautmann shared a photo of bagels he gave to his co-workers which had been cut vertically into slices – a style he said is a “St Louis secret”.

While the bagels were apparently “a hit” in Mr Krautmann’s office, they also propelled him to viral stardom.

The response, a mixture of outrage from many and amazement from some, included some mock imitations of Mr Krautmann’s contentious cuisine.

Since the initial tweet, St Louis, a city in Missouri, has become synonymous with off-the-wall ways of eating food.

For user @HaverOfOpinions, the food of St Louis requires plenty of hand-washing after indulging, as peanut butter and jam is spread on the outside of a sandwich.

While Christian Gillespie decided it meant adding water to instant raw ramen noodles whilst they are already in your mouth.

Another, Trey Smith, came up with a novel way to make a hot dog, with the bun skewered on to the sausage.

And Jordan Payton just found anything and everything he could find for an allegedly St Louis-themed cereal.

Brands also got in on the act, with cookie-maker Chips Ahoy! sharing a GIF of milk being poured directly into a packet of biscuits.

While much of the reaction has been based on food, some also brought fashion into the equation.

User @WardQNormal tied his socks around his ankles, claiming it is the St Louis style.

With its quirky connotations, the description has even become a shrewd new way to be positive about appearance.

“My face isn’t ugly it’s St. Louis style,” tweeted user @BUGPOSTING.

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