Litter picking gets trending with #trashtag

Social media users have been sharing pictures of rubbish strewn areas.
Social media users have been sharing pictures of rubbish strewn areas.

A challenge of a new kind has been trending online, encouraging users to pick up rubbish and share the before and after pictures on social media.

The hashtag #trashtag has been circulating on Reddit, Twitter and Instagram, with people across the globe cleaning up their local areas.

The challenge, which went viral over the weekend, has been praised by users, with many posting pictures of themselves litter picking areas previously strewn with rubbish.

Twitter user @heysunnysanfran said: “Whoever came up with #trashtag is an absolute genius. None of these dumb internet trends, lets clean the planet!”

One regular litter picker getting involved with the clean-up hopes the trend will continue to gain popularity.

Twitter user @AJDelusion, who tends to an area in Oldham, Greater Manchester, said: “I’ve adopted an area there that I attempt to keep clean.

“I tagged one of my regular litter picks tweets with the #trashtag, as I hope the challenge will encourage people to also help clean up their local environment, and also to raise awareness about the litter problem the country is currently suffering from.

“I hope it removes any stigma people may feel about litter picking, and also lets people know that it’s something that anyone can do.

“The most important thing for people to know is that ‘challenge’ is a bit of a misnomer. There’s nothing particularly challenging about it, anyone can play their part.”

The trend has seen users filling up rubbish bags at beaches, parks and fields, often accompanied with a message of encouragement to get their followers involved.

Twitter user @OregonJOBS2 said: “#trashtag has been an awesome time world wide flash moment. From 44bags in Asheville North Carolina, 500 volunteers picking up 8000 lb in South mountain regional Park Arizona, and Hungry cleaning rivers. This has been one of the best hashtag challenges ever.”