This comedy writer is trying to convince everyone ‘milk coke’ is a popular drink

‘It definitely shouldn’t be a craze, I don’t want to give the whole UK diabetes,’ he said.
‘It definitely shouldn’t be a craze, I don’t want to give the whole UK diabetes,’ he said.

A drink called milk coke is taking social media by storm, and the man popularising it is encouraging people to try the “delicious” beverage.

Comedy writer James Felton says the drink is a Birmingham tradition which, as its name suggests, is quite literally a mixture of milk with Coca-Cola.

“I’ve been drinking it since I was a child and had the metabolism to cope with the calories involved,” he told the Press Association.

Since a discussion between Mr Felton and some of his friends on Twitter about the drink on Friday, talk about milk coke has surged, with the drink receiving mixed reviews.

Twitter user @classiclib3ral commented: “I expected it to be bad, but I have to say my expectations were completely right. It’s not good. I do not recommend mixing coke and milk.”

Mr Felton claims the drink comes from Birmingham, saying: “The Brummie side of my family all drink it, and I have several Brummie friends (and people online also) who have confirmed it’s a Brummie thing.

“However it’s also a South African thing, and they call it (oh god) ‘Brown Milk’.”

The discussion about the liquid refreshment has even seen politicians get involved, with Labour MP Wes Streeting looking to test the Birmingham theory.

“What is your position on ‘milk coke’ please?” he posed to fellow politician Jess Phillips, the MP for Birmingham Yardley. She said she had “never heard of it”.

However, Mohammad Mubashir Hussain, 23, works in Birmingham at a legal firm and agrees with Mr Felton’s assertion that milk coke is from the city.

“I work in Birmingham and was introduced to it by a colleague, at first I was repulsed and apprehensive but now I love it,” he said. “Don’t knock it till you try it. It’s a Brummie thing.”

So how to drink milk coke? Well, Mr Felton says the best mixture is one third milk to two thirds coke.

“You have to pour the milk in first otherwise it’ll curdle,” he added. “You’ve got about 10 minutes to drink it once you’ve made it, before it separates.

“And trust me, you do not want to drink a separated milk coke.”

A friend of Mr Felton's drinking a milk coke

Mr Felton recommends people try milk coke “because it’s delicious” and has “all the flavour of a coke float without the hassle of having to own ice cream”.

But he also offers some words of caution.

“It definitely shouldn’t be a craze, I don’t want to give the whole UK diabetes,” he said.