The internet is debating how a baguette would move if it could

Would it wriggle like a worm or rotate like a robot?

The platform that brought you The Dress and Yanny Or Laurel has another weighty issue for the world to argue about: if baguettes could move, how would they move?

The debate comes courtesy of Twitter user Dave, aka sheepfilms, who produced animations showing four potential mechanics for a baguette’s self-propulsion.

Dave described the four variations as worm, gallop, robot rotate and caterpillar.

And it was the robot rotate option which appeared to get the most support from fellow Twitter users, because of the fact it does least damage to the crust.

That mechanic got some particularly notable support in the shape of Walter Shaub, former director of the United States Office of Government Ethics.

But the other methods had their supporters too.

Some suggested a different type of movement entirely.

And some didn’t want to put limits on the baguette.

A survey showed a clear winner with the robot rotate method way out in front.

But to confuse matters further, Dave announced there were four more options on the way.

Will we ever know the definitive answer to how baguettes would move if they could move?

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