Couples are sharing hilarious wedding disasters from their big days

It's the happiest day of your life, so you won't mind if a few things go horribly wrong.

Sometimes even the happiest day of your life can be filled with bad luck and terrible disasters.

Reddit user DrillWormBazookaMan asked married people on the website: “Couples whose wedding was an absolute catastrophe, what happened?”

Here are 10 of the most disastrous wedding stories that you might just feel bad for laughing at…

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1. A surprise announcement from the bride’s parents…

2. This weather-related catastrophe.

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3. This guest list got rather out-of-hand.

4. Oh no…

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5. At least this story ended well!

6. Not being able to get into the venue isn’t a good sign.

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7. The guests saw the funny side of this tale.

8. This extremely warm ceremony.

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9. This couple improvised the priest.

10. Lastly, this awful wedding video.

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