These sausages sound like they're screaming for their lives

By all accounts, they were delicious.

It’s tough being a sausage – one minute you’re chilling out in the fridge, the next you’re sizzling away in a red hot pan.

Perhaps that’s why these bangers sound like they’re screaming for their lives.

The video was posted online by Reddit user Imjustkidding.

They wrote: “My breakfast sausages begged for their lives this morning. Listen to their cries for mercy.”

If you’re wondering what the noise really is, it’s not the squeal of a poor defenceless sausage realising it’s about to meet its maker – it’s the sound of steam escaping from the skin like the whistling of a kettle.

Game Of Thrones Sausage GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

And did they taste as good as they sounded?

According to Imjustkidding, they were “phenomenal”.

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