11 shower thoughts that will make you stop and think

From Harry Potter to pizza, which of these have you mulled over in the shower?

One of the more popular sections of Reddit is r/Showerthoughts, which documents the mostly trivial things people often wonder about during the day.

Most of these will be things that simply make you go “huh” but others may blow your mind. It’s time to see which is which.

1. Dreams

“If kids actually followed their dreams, there’d be a lot more firefighters, astronauts, and dinosaurs nowadays.” -mikedil3369

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2. Harry Potter

“The people in Harry Potter rely on their wands for everything, yet no one has a wrist strap.” – Ryno621

3. Helium

“The first person who inhaled helium must have been so relieved when the effects wore off” – marchillo

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4. Simulation

“If we’re in a simulation, the top 1% are playing on Very Easy difficultly.” – GhOsT2179

5. Pizza charts

“Pizza is a real-time pie chart of how much pizza is left.” – ZeroTylersGiven

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6. Brain

“Our brain makes its own tv shows to keep it entertained until our body is ready to wake up” – Subwoofer_Books

7. Snowmen

“Snowmen are stuck in fields made of their own flesh.” – KneeCola77

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8. Fist bumps

“Fist bumps are just high zeros” – artmast

9. Immortality

“To the eyes of a dog they must think us humans are immortal as they age and get old whilst we appear virtually the same.” – JustABitAverage

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10. Cats and dogs

“Cats and dogs will never know how much they are worshipped on the internet” – ArcticConvoy

11. Backpacks

“An empty backpack seems lighter than no backpack.” – JonnY573

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