This is the best reaction you’ll see to Ireland’s Eurovision qualification

Martin Jones’ passion is so contagious it’s gone viral.
Martin Jones’ passion is so contagious it’s gone viral.

Ireland’s emphatic qualification for the grand final of the Eurovision Song Contest on Monday night had plenty on their feet – but none more so than this man.

The video of Martin Jones’ reaction has gone viral online, and it’s really something – be warned, there is some unsurprisingly tasty language.

A tantalising end to the announcement of the contest’s results saw Albania qualify, before Ireland took the final spot – and it sent Martin from pulse-racing anguish to joy personified.

Martin, from Dublin, was filmed by RTE’s Derek Mooney and shared by the radio presenter’s colleague Colm Flynn, who said Martin is a “massive Eurovision fan”.

No surprises there.

Ireland qualified for the final with the ballad Together from former Britain’s Got Talent star Ryan O’Shaughnessy – whose reaction was relatively muted in comparison with Martin’s.

It’s the first time Ireland has made it to the grand final of Eurovision since 2013 though, so you can bet Ryan and Ireland as a whole are pretty proud.