These stories of people doing anonymous good deeds are guaranteed to make you smile

Random acts of kindness that will definitely make your day better.
Random acts of kindness that will definitely make your day better.

If there’s one thing guaranteed to put a smile on your face it’s a random act of kindness, whether big or small.

Reddit user pmmelongshins asked people on the website to share the kindest acts they’ve ever done anonymously, and some will definitely make you smile.

Here are 11 of the best stories of kindness that might just make your day.

1. This generous person had flowers delivered.

2. This person supported a friend’s career.

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3. This person made sure that good food was never wasted.

4. Saving a life is the best good deed there is.

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5. Keeping veterans warm is a noble good deed.

6. This person embodies the Christmas spirit.

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7. This person makes life a bit easier for new parents.

8. This person gave back to a great teacher.

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9. Making sure the right people get the job is a brilliant good deed.

10. This person anonymously looked out for their friend.

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11. This person performed a good deed … but it wasn’t entirely anonymous!