This video of Thomas The Tank Engine performing remarkable stunts is epic

It’s “hypnotically calming”.
It’s “hypnotically calming”. It’s “hypnotically calming”.

This Thomas The Tank Engine toy is defying the laws of gravity by performing remarkable flips and tricks in mid-air.

Using an iPhone SE and shooting at 120 frames per second, film-maker 5MadMovieMakers showcased the nation’s favourite locomotive performing some seriously mind-blowing stunts.

The video, which has been viewed more than one million times on YouTube, shows Thomas performing a mid-air barrel roll and a massive jump over several other toy trains.

The channel – which is named after five toy-enthusiast siblings and is headed by one of them, Robert Carlson – has more than 200,000 subscribers.

The mesmerising stunts from the video were captured after “only a couple of tries”, according to Robert.

He does admit however that the last flip took a staggering 33 attempts to master and that, although the stunts look effortless, resetting them can be tedious “especially for the one with the brick wall”.

The film-maker, whose dad taught him how to use a VHS camcorder when he was just six years old, said the siblings got free toys when they were children because their father sold toys online.

Robert believes that the success of the YouTube channel is down to the “big nostalgia factor for toys that people used to play with when they were kids”.

He said: “I try to use these toys in new and creative ways to remind people of their childhood imagination.”

Other videos on the channel include classic toys such as Lego and Hot Wheels – some of which have notched up a massive 20 million views.

Robert said: “It’s been crazy to read the comments. It’s hard to respond to all the emails. My favourite responses are the people who say they enjoyed watching the video with the rest of their families.”

For those who are still nonplussed about how this video was achieved, Robert reveals “the secret is that the whole video was filmed on a downward slope”.

But let’s not allow that detail to ruin the illusion of sheer toy wizardry.