What is Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week and what can you do to help?

What is Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week and what can you do to help?

Sexual Abuse And Sexual Violence Awareness Week is designed to encourage the public, governments and charities to talk about sexual abuse and violence and how to prevent it.

It is organised by a group of charities including the NSPCC, Rape Crisis and SurvivorsUK and is using the hashtag #ItsNotOk2017 to encourage the public and institutions to take part.

So apart from following the hashtag and tweeting, what else can you do to help?

Show more support online

If you feel like donating, perhaps you could invest in a tote bag or wristband.

There are also a variety of resources online to read and watch to find out more about the support available to sexual abuse and violence survivors and about spotting signs and what to do if you suspect a friend or relative may be a victim.

Artists and intellectuals are joining in too, including this spoken word piece from Jessica Eaton.

Show support in person and learn something in the process

Attend an event to learn more about the work organisations are doing to combat abuse and violence.

From Ballymena to Lowestoft, there are events going on all around the UK, both for survivors and those who would like to learn more about combating sexual abuse and violence.

Volunteer your time

If you can commit to a certain number of hours per month, why not consider volunteering at an organisation which works on these issues in your local area?

Charities require all sorts of skills, so whether you are a writer, an accountant or a really great listener, there is sure to be a way you can help out. Check out the volunteering pages of these charities, or have a Google on the support services in your local area.

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