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I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! Day 3 Live

Jordan North 
Maeve Connolly

9.15pm  There's the starter pistol. We're off! It's day three in the camp and it seems none of the men have changed their undies since they arrived

9.21pm Mo Farah is starting the morning with a slow jog around the camp. Never thought I'd say this but I reckon I could lap Mo Farah 

9.26pm Were Giovanna and Beverley out on the lash when Bev made this promise to plaster her house?

9.33pm Twiglets never have been and never will be a treat. Catch yourself on Cledwyn

9.35pm How has Jordan made it to 30? He's just regaled the campmates with a story about the time he mistook verruca cream for Bonjela and put it on a mouth ulcer

9.41pm Shane is casually sharing a story about go-karting with Tom Cruise. Vernon to Shane: "I see your Tom Cruise and I raise you a Brad Pitt"

9.51pm It's eating trial Frights of the Round Table and Jordan, Vernon and Beverley look thrilled at the prospect

9.52pm Vernon is first up and he's tucking into lamb's brain. Yum

9.55pm Vernon's now munching on cow teats. Could this trial get any worse?

9.56pm Yes, yes it could. Jordan has to drink a bowl of fermented catfish. I feel ill. What's Turf Moor like anyway?

9.57pm Choose your testicle. Lol. Vernon's up again

10.04pm  Either Jordan vomits eating that cow's tongue or I will

10.13pm Is the garlic hallucinogenic? Is that why they're so excited about the arrival of the food hamper? Quail for dinner tonight, by the way after Bev, Vernon and Jordan won 10 stars

10.17pm Two new arrivals! How exciting! Fingers crossed for Zig and Zag

10.18pm Nearly as good - it's Ruthie Henshall and Russell Watson

That's it for tonight. Join me tomorrow at 9pm

Here's last night's recap - Is Jordan scared of snakes? I really can't tell

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