Sleb Safari: The Summer of Bennifer has set sail

Maeve Connoly

Maeve Connolly

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The picture that made celebrity smuthounds squeal - Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck go Instagram official. Picture from Jennifer Lopez on Instagram
The picture that made celebrity smuthounds squeal - Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck go Instagram official. Picture from Jennifer Lopez on Instagram The picture that made celebrity smuthounds squeal - Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck go Instagram official. Picture from Jennifer Lopez on Instagram

Jennifer Lopez has been showing us pictures of her canoodling on a yacht, eating bread and visiting Capri so it can only mean one thing - J.Lo's on summer vacay.

Ben Affleck (you might know him better as Ben from Bennifer) whisked Jennifer away for her 52nd birthday and they spent the day on a yacht on the French Riviera. And it was on that very day that the couple went Instagram official. The Summer of Bennifer is shaping up beautifully n'est-ce pas?

The only fly in the ointment of what was surely a glorious day spent getting the perfect Instagram official portrait, was the appearance - on a jet ski no less - of J.Lo's ex-fiancé. There she was, on a yacht… in the ocean… and Alex Rodriguez is roaring around on a scrambler of the seas.

J.Lo and A-Rod announced their break up on April 14 and one day later he gave us a glimpse of how he was handling the situation on Instagram Stories. As Coldplay's Fix You played, Alex panned the camera across a shrine of framed photographs of Jennifer, coming to rest on a framed picture of a heart drawn in the sand with 'Jennifer and Alex' written in it.

Three months later, it's her birthday and he's also holidaying on a yacht in the area. Awkward? Yes. Weird? Also, yes. Bet Jennifer was wishing Ben had hired a boat with a water cannon.

From St Tropez they sailed to Monte Carlo, where J.Lo did a little shopping wearing a necklace spelling out Ben lest she forget her paramour's name. And from Monte Carlo the couple set sail for Italy because how else does one "do Europe"?

No trip to the Amalfi Coast is complete without a visit to Capri and so they walked along the pizzetta hand in hand... while a horde of people swarmed, filming and trying to get close, then sprinting ahead and trying to capture them on camera again. Others called out to the couple and people dining outside restaurants craned their neck for a glimpse. The video Sleb Safari watched showed four people trying to keep strangers at bay and create a little space around the couple while another person carried their shopping bags.

Sleb Safari would definitely be a neck craner in this situation so it's not judging, but the whole experience looked unpleasant. It seemed about as far from a romantic, relaxing holiday outing as you could get but perhaps they're used to the mania and reuniting after 20 years has given them blinkers to anything but each other.

Ben turns 49 in two weeks and since Bennifer: The Reboot is in full flow Sleb Safari is anticipating fireworks and unicorns and wouldn't be surprised if that pink engagement ring made a reappearance.

Tom Daley won Olympic gold - and then got to work

CUTE-as-a-button Olympic diver Tom Daley has many strings to his bow and balls of wool to his needles.

Tom has added a Tokyo 2020 gold medal to a haul which already included a bronze from both Rio 2016 and London 2012. And when he's not jumping in and out of a pool, Tom likes to knit and crochet and even has a dedicated Instagram account for his nifty knits.

A day after winning gold with dive partner Matty Lee, Tom popped on to his Made With Love By Tom Daley account to show off a little pouch he had knitted to keep his medal safe from harm.

Sleb Safari would give Tom a gold medal every four years just for being adorable and a great role model.

Ricky Wilson loves a soak in the tub

Ricky Wilson
Ricky Wilson Ricky Wilson

Kaiser Chiefs' front man Ricky Wilson has given us a glimpse behind the curtain at the true rock 'n' roll lifestyle.

Ricky says he has a reputation for - wait for it - changing hotel rooms because he likes one with a bath.

"They called me Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen because of it. Reception would give me the key and it was guaranteed that I'd be back downstairs within 10 minutes. I always wanted a bath. At home, I don't have baths. But if there's one in a hotel, I'm in the bath using all the products. I've even got a shower cap on," he told The Times.

What Sleb Safari has taken from this is that all those rock 'n' roll shenanigans of throwing TV sets through hotel windows and driving cars into swimming pools were all caused by the want of a good bubble bath.

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