Property: Old homes rejuvenated with the wow factor

A local entrepreneur who specialises in knocking down walls and bringing old homes back to life has revealed the secrets  of his success.

Marty McAuley, one of the original founders of Kaizen Print, Brand & Digital back in 2011 and who recently sold the business in 2020, now finds himself flipping properties with remarkable results.

Creator of Lofty Property Investments Ltd, Marty has stepped into the world of both flipping houses for profit alongside growing a buy to let portfolio. 

Lofty properties not only focuses on its own investment projects but helps educate others considering do the same.

The 38-year-old brings with him a wealth of business experience. No matter what the line of business is, he has a very simplistic view. 

He said: “Most businesses have a sweet spot in which they make the desired level of profit. “Whether it be a product or service based offering, it really comes down to buying low and selling high, with your added magic in the middle to stand you out from the competition. 

“The facts are that property over the last 100-plus years has grown in value. There are numerous different property strategies but most people struggle with taking that first step - they’re cautious - in-case it’s the wrong move, and through my social channels and education I plan to help people make the right move. 

“Not only do you have the financial gains that come from property but also it’s a highly rewarding process. 

“Have a glance at the pictures - I’m bringing a 1970s style home up to 2023 standard. All homes are fully staged.”

Marty added: “This gives a real sense of ‘wow’ when viewers arrive, with all recent flip projects moving to sale agreed within 14 days.”

You can follow Marty’s journey on instagram @lofty_properties where he will continue to bring you plenty of before and after pics and tips on how to get started on your own journey.

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