Take pride in your property with some DIY this Home Improvement Month

Shelves are the perfect solution to a shortage of storage space in your home
Shelves are the perfect solution to a shortage of storage space in your home

Research has shown that when it comes to home improvements, people in Northern Ireland are not shy about turning, or attempting to anyway, their hand to DIY.

It seems that no job is too great or too small with eight in ten people preferring DIY than hiring a professional. What’s more, almost a quarter of people (23 per cent) in Northern Ireland admit to judging the appearance of other people’s homes.

The research was conducted as part of Home Improvement Month which aims to inspire, educate and empower homeowners to make the most of their properties this April.

They have some tips to make the best out of Doing It Yourself, making small improvements to your home in the best ways that you can.

Small storage solutions: Storage can often be a problem, particularly if you live in a small house or flat. You have to be imaginative when making the most out of your home. Dead space underneath stairs can often be a good area to begin; you can add shelves, shoe racks or even a desk.

Liven Things Up: This can be a really easy way to liven up a kitchen or living area. Plants and flowers are a cheap way of adding a splash of colour to your home. A miniature herb garden is an easy way to utilise small spaces in the kitchen. Chilli plants, lemongrass, thyme and oregano are all extremely easy and low maintenance to grow. A top tip is to purchase plants that haven’t already been growing outside.

Garden: Giving the garden a good clear out is one of the best ways to improve your home. A recent study by National Gardening Gift Vouchers found that 72 per cent of us believe that a presentable garden adds value to a home - so it is well worth a go. A shed can be easily built by hand and are readily available in all different shapes and sizes, so no matter how small your garden is, a small shed or storage space can add new dimensions to your outdoor space.

Reviving Old Furniture: Updating your furniture can seem daunting. It can be tempting to go out and buy completely new furniture however sometimes it’s easier to look a bit closer to home. Renovating your own furniture can be cheap and easy. An old, worn, wooden chest of drawers can be instantly improved with a lick of paint and some new handles.

Painting: There’s no better way of refreshing your home than by a quick lick of paint. To give your living spaces a quick and clean update, make sure you buy a good quality paint that is an exact (or close) match to your original colour, this way you avoid doing a full redecorate.