Mazda fuels Heritage Collection on sustainable petrol

MAZDA UK is now running its Heritage Fleet on sustainable petrol in order to highlight how new bio-fuels can help de-carbonise classic cars.

The 15-car Heritage Fleet, which includes cars with engines ranging from rotary to both four and six-cylinder petrol, will now be running on Coryton-supplied Sustain Classic Super 80 petrol when they leave storage to head to events or media bookings.

Formulated for use on any standard petrol-fuelled vehicle without modification, Sustain Classic Super 80 is a second-generation bio-fuel created using 80 per cent agricultural waste. One of three fuels in the recently launched Sustain Classic range - the UK’s first publicly available sustainable petrol - it offers a reduction of at least 65 per cent in greenhouse gas emissions when compared to fossil fuels.

With a 98-octane rating and bio-ethanol content of 1 per cent, Sustain Classic has been technically tailored for classic vehicles and includes a premium additive package which stabilises and extends the life of the fuel while helping to clean and protect engines.

Mazda UK’s 1973 Mazda RX-3 was demonstrated at last week’s Flywheel Festival at Bicester Motion, where it ran on Sustain Classic Super 80.

“Our heritage fleet highlights Mazda’s long tradition of engineering ingenuity and stand out design,” says Jeremy Thomson, MD of Mazda Motors UK.

“Mazda’s ‘never stop challenging’ approach can be seen throughout our heritage, so it’s great that we can highlight the potential sustainable fuels can play in the future as part of a multi-solution approach to CO2 reduction.

“Using a sustainable petrol in our heritage cars is a great way to highlight the role these fuels can have in reducing the environmental impact of the combustion engine cars that will remain on our roads for decades to come.

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“Throughout Mazda’s history, we have produced cars that have the connection between car and driver at the heart of their appeal, like the Mazda RX-7 and the Mazda MX-5, which have been providing driving fun for over 30 years.

“So, our switch to powering these cars sustainably is an example of how owners can enjoy their classics guilt-free as these fuels become more widely available.”

In November last year, a modern 2.0 litre Mazda MX-5 fuelled on sustainable petrol from Coryton completed racing laps at Anglesey Circuit in Wales, Oulton Park in England, Knockhill in Scotland and Kirkistown here in Northern Ireland, driving 1,000 miles from circuit to circuit in the process.

More details of Sustain Classic Super 80 can be found at