Longer range for MG ZS EV


SOUNDING dangerously close to a letter short of a winning Scrabble hand, the MG ZS EV has always been one of the more affordably priced electric cars on the market, writes William Scholes.

Its latest version continues the irresistible rise of the EV, with MG slotting in a larger 72kWh battery.

At a stroke, this increased capacity lifts the small SUV's range from the 163 miles of the old model's 44.5kWh battery to a quoted 273 miles, which is very useful indeed. A 51kWh battery, capable of up to 198 miles on a full charge, is expected later.

MG says the car can charge at speeds of up to 76kW, though speeds in that league remain the stuff of dreams for Northern Ireland drivers relying on the public charging network.

Of more relevance to us, then, is the 10-and-a-half hours it will take to re-juice your ZS EV from flat to full when using a standard 7kW home charger.

MG has taken the opportunity to give the ZS a few styling tweaks, the most distinctive of which is a smooth front end - at first glance, it looks not unlike the treatment Volvo has given to its electric XC40 and Ford to the Mustang Mach-E.

Prices are due to be announced in November; for reference, the small-battery outgoing model cost between £26,000 and £28,500.


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