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Travel trends in 2024 include cooler climes and foodie trips

These are the travel trends we can expect to see in 2024 (Alamy/PA)
These are the travel trends we can expect to see in 2024 (Alamy/PA)

With 2024 fast approaching, some exciting changes to the way we travel could be on the horizon.

Looking back to 2023, Ryan Pearson,’s regional manager, said the biggest trend was “the return of travel”.

“While the cost of living and budgets were front of mind for many, travellers continued to prioritise their trips, whether that was to truly relax in nature with an ‘off-grid’ getaway, or a luxury wellness retreat to recentre the mind,” he told the PA news agency.

Despite the cost-of-living crisis, it would seem like people are still desperate to see the world, as revealed in a new report from

“Almost three quarters (71%) of holidaymakers from the UK told us that they feel more alive than ever when on vacation, with 65% wanting to be more like the version they see of themselves on holiday, in their day-to-day life back home,” Pearson said.

These are some of the top trends predict will be on the rise in 2024…

Water-centric travel

monkey in onsen
Beautiful spots by the water could become popular (Alamy/PA) (Alamy Stock Photo)

From beaches and rivers to lakes and hot springs, being by the water will be important for 2024’s travellers.

Almost three-quarters of UK travellers (74%) of travellers agree that being close to water instantly makes them feel more relaxed, according to the report.

This could make destinations like Albania’s stunning Balkan coast and the onsen of Japan hugely popular over the next year.


Albanian beach
Cost-effective holiday spots include Albania’s beaches (Alamy/PA) (Alamy Stock Photo)

Many people may want a stunning, luxury Maldives escape, but with the current economic climate leaving us with less in the bank, it’s not always possible.

The report suggests 43% of UK travellers will be searching for luxe-for-less copycat holidays to reduce costs in 2024.

Ways to bring down holiday costs could include paying for a day pass to use the amenities at a five-star hotel – rather than actually staying there – and 48% of parents say they are planning to take their kids out of school to travel outside of peak season.

Cooler climes

christmas market
Chilly city breaks may be popular (Alamy/PA) (Alamy Stock Photo)

Holidays might traditionally evoke images of sunshine and beaches, but 43% of travellers want to use their trips to enjoy cooler climes in 2024.

Chilly city breaks could become far more popular with the UK’s travellers – looking to cool off as we become used to temperatures climbing at home.

Destinations like Valkenburg in the Netherlands are perfect for a winter break, as are spots like Chemnitz, Germany and Salzburg, Austria.

Foodie city breaks

Cities like Merida could have foodies flocking (Alamy/PA) (Alamy Stock Photo)

In 2024, people could plan their holidays predominantly around food.

Over half (52%) of UK travellers are more interested in learning about the origins of ‘must-eat’ delicacies on holiday than they were in the past.

This could see a boom in trips to foodie cities, such as Merida in Mexico.