Yompers full of eastern promise, West Yorkshire-style

QUESTION: when is a Suzuki Jimny not a Suzuki Jimny? Answer: when it's a Yomper 4x4.

"What's a Yomper 4x4?" you may reasonably ask. Well, it's a brand-new utility-focused SUV being built in West Yorkshire – obviously.

Engineered to take a payload of 500kg, these bespoke vehicles are based on a Suzuki Jimny and utilise fully rebuilt/overhauled standard Suzuki 1.3l 16v petrol engines and running gear along with a specially adapted long wheelbase chassis.

Built to order, the Yomper is available in 'tray back' Bergan or alloy drop side Commercial specification, in 225 or 275 size wheelbases. Each vehicle comes with a 12-month warranty.

The Yomper 4x4 is being built by Elland-based engineering company Samson Engineering Ltd and has been developed with off-road capability in mind.

Giles Walker, Yomper 4x4 CEO, says: "When I heard from a lot of people in my local community – many of whom are farmers – about the lack of a suitable small utility SUV on the market, I decided it would be a great opportunity to create one.

"You can't buy an inexpensive go-anywhere working vehicle anymore, so I decided to make one. As an off-road and trials bike enthusiast myself, I know what makes a good SUV, so the natural choice for the base vehicle was the Suzuki Jimny – cheap, affordable and reliable, yet small enough to go where other off-roaders can't and with exceptional off-road capabilities, without the issue of a heavy off road 'tyre print'."

Giles created a brand new chassis and bespoke alloy body for the Yomper, as well as converting the Jimny bodyshell into a chassis cab with its own strengthened rear bulkhead.

Next came the Bergan with pick-up style 'tray back' bodywork, inspired by the Subaru MV 'Brat' pick-up.

"There are other companies who have done Jimny pick-up conversions," says Giles, "but the Yomper is essentially a ground-up vehicle that uses the Suzuki running gear and front bodywork more as components to create a full vehicle.

"Those are the key engineering differences and the fact all our vehicles attain IVA approval is proof that our design and manufacturing approach is the correct one to take."

Prices start from under £20,000. To find out more, visit

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