Marie Louise McConville: Malin's brave decision to speak about domestic violence should be commended

Love Island star, Malin Anderssson's brave decision to speak out about her own experience as a victim of domestic violence should be applauded
Marie Louise McConville

It can take a lot of courage to be the voice in the crowd.

I'm not sure I could ever be the one to speak up at a time when the majority are being quiet.

So, those who do and who, by doing so, make a difference to the lives of others, should be applauded.

This week, I found myself in awe of reality TV star, Malin Andersson.

For those of you who don't know the 27-year-old, she appeared on Love Island a few years ago.

In 2019, she hit the headlines when her her four-week-old daughter, Consy, who had been born premature, sadly passed away.

Since then, she has maintained a strong social media presence, speaking on various issues including coping with grief, body image and baby loss. However, I never paid much attention - until now.

This week, I learned that she is also someone who, in private, has been bravely fighting another difficult battle - as a victim of domestic violence.

This week, she spoke out to reveal that her ex-partner had abused and beaten her.

Tom Kemp (29), from Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire, was sentenced at Aylesbury Crown Court after admitting assault.

Malin had been left with a catalogue of injuries following a violent incident at Kemp's hands, which was just the latest in a long campaign of mental and physical abuse.

This week, Kemp was jailed for 10 months prompting Malin to speak out about her experience in a bid to help other victims.

She said: "The last 2 years including my pregnancy have been absolute hell. No one knows half of what I've gone through and I haven't been able to say much due to an ongoing police investigation".

The Love Island star revealed she had been "spat at, hit, pushed, kicked, scratched, spoken down to, controlled, manipulated, cheated and so much more ....".

She continued: "I am here to tell you - YOU CAN GO TO THE POLICE!".

Bravely, she added: "I have gone through some of the worst pain imaginable over the past couple of years and if me speaking out and showing my strength can help even one person in a similar situation and encourage them to leave an unhealthy relationship then it's worth any negative things he has to say about me.

"I will not be mistreated any longer," she added.

I have to say, I am just in awe of Malin.

Reading about her experience, which she coped with in private and with great courage, is just amazing.

It occurred to me that finally, here we have an example of a reality TV star who is using her media presence and influence for something worthwhile - and not to sell teeth whitening or buttock implants.

I think Malin's brave decision to reveal her trauma should be warmly welcomed.

Even if it helps just one person find hope or the bravery to escape a violent partner, she has achieved more than any of us could hope to in a lifetime.

Well done Malin.


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