Health facts: How sweet-smelling breath could be an indicator of type 2 diabetes

The smell of your breath can sometimes provide indicators of general health

What is your breath trying to tell you?

THIS WEEK: A fruity, sweet scent

ONE of the tell-tale signs of type 2 diabetes is a faint smell of pear drops on the breath, says Dr Dushyant Sharma, a consultant diabetologist at the Royal Liverpool Hospital.

"This happens because of a lack of insulin – which means the body can't use sugar for energy and so it starts to break down fat instead," he explains.

"Waste products called ketones build up, and the sweet, pear-drop smell comes from the chemicals in these ketones."

According to the charity Diabetes UK, 3.8 million people in the UK are living with a diagnosis of diabetes, 90 per cent of whom have type 2.

"So, if you have any concerns about sweet-smelling breath, you should consult a doctor immediately," says Dr Sharma.

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