Renault’s new 5 E-Tech preserves concept looks while bringing low-weight and high-tech

New electric model measures under four metres and weighs less than 1500kg.

The 5’s vent is a charging indicator
The 5’s vent is a charging indicator

Renault’s striking new 5 has been revealed in production-ready form, bringing a number of battery and power options.

The compact EV, which is expected to arrive in the UK during the first quarter of 2025, harks back to the iconic Renault 5 which was produced between 1972 and 1985.

This latest version aims to preserve the focus on the efficiency of the original while introducing a far higher level of technology and features. Measuring just 3.92 metres long the 5 is compact by modern standards, yet can still deliver a boot space of 326 litres, while an additional 19 litres of storage space is dotted throughout the cabin.

The 5’s cabin has a minimalist approach
The 5’s cabin has a minimalist approach

Expected to arrive with an entry price of under £25,000, the new 5 is underpinned by a platform known as Ampr Small which allows the car to maximise space while keeping the exterior proportions compact. There are two battery options available – with 40kWh or 52kWh – while three motor options will be there to choose from delivering 94bhp, 121bhp and 148bhp.

Renault claims a range of up to 186 miles for the smaller-battery car, or 249 miles for the larger 52kWh variant. The smaller of the two utilises a maximum charge rate of 80kW, too, while the bigger-battery versions see this increased to 100kW. Thanks to Vehicle-To-Load functionality – or V2L – the 5 can also be used to charge external devices via an adapter for the car’s charging port.

The exterior of the car is very similar to the look of the original concept, with many throwbacks to the iconic original. The vent grille on the bonnet, rather than providing cooling, is a charge indicator which flashes the ‘number 5’ when the driver approaches the vehicle.

Inside, the Renault 5 adopts a fuss-free design which is focused around the driver, with two 10-inch screens relaying key information back to the person behind the wheel. There’s a padded dashboard, too, while the air vents mirror the design of the headlights. The seats use a denim fabric made from recycled water bottles.