A new chapter in sustainable and smart living begins

Planning permission has been approved at Rivenwood Development in Newtownards

Lessons in environmentally friendly living These homes at Rivenwood are equipped with advanced solar and renewable technologies
These homes at Rivenwood are equipped with advanced solar and renewable technologies

Leading Northern Ireland home builders, Fraser Partners, has announced the launch of Phase 3 at their hugely popular Rivenwood development in Newtownards, marking a new chapter in sustainable and smart living in County Down.

The phase introduces six innovative, modern house types, each designed with eco-friendly principles and smart technology as standard.

Works on the site begin in the new year, with the show home anticipated to open in Summer 2024.

James Fraser, managing partner at Fraser Partners said: “Located near the stunning shoreline of Strangford Lough, Rivenwood is not just a great place to live but an incredible spot to raise a family.

“The development’s unique location offers an unmatched combination of serene countryside and convenient access to thriving towns and Belfast City, positioning Rivenwood as an ideal location for building a dream home.

“Every home in Phase 3 of Rivenwood is a testament to Fraser Partners’ commitment to environmental sustainability and innovative living. The eco-friendly houses are equipped with advanced solar and renewable technologies, ensuring energy independence and reduced reliance on the grid. The integration of a solar PV system provides clean, free electricity to each home, leading to potential savings of up to £500 per year on energy bills.”

Andrea White, branch manager at Simon Brien Residential added: “The sleek and smart design of the solar panels, installed flush with the roof, enhances the aesthetic appeal of these homes. Each property is also fitted with a 5kWh battery energy storage unit, allowing residents to store and use solar energy efficiently, even when the sun sets. These features are not just eco-friendly; they also offer financial benefits during the winter months when solar energy is less abundant.”

James continued: “We take pride in our attention to detail and quality. The fresh design of Rivenwood homes feature cool, contemporary, anthracite cladding with white brick, creating an eye-catching contrast, totally different to anything else on the market. Internally, a blend of textures and soft hues create a warm, inviting, and functional living space. The use of natural light is maximized with floor to ceiling windows, ensuring a cosy, comfortable atmosphere. To add to the convenience and security, each home is fitted with smart technologies like the Ring Doorbell and smartphone-compatible digital thermostats.

“As part of our ongoing dedication to providing the best in residential living, we are excited to announce that the show home for Phase 3 is due to open in Summer 2024. This will offer potential homeowners a glimpse into the future of sustainable living, combining luxury, comfort, and ecological responsibility.”

For more information about the Rivenwood development and the upcoming show home, please contact Simon Brien Residential’s Newtownards office on 02891 800 700