How to channel the Bridgerton look in your fashion

Prepare for a season of corsets.

The new season of Bridgerton will offer countless sensational style moments
Penelope Featherington in Bridgerton The new season of Bridgerton will offer countless sensational style moments (LIAM DANIEL/NETFLIX)

Bridgerton is finally coming back with its third, highly-anticipated season.

Fans of the show are desperate to uncover how Penelope (Nicola Coughlan) and Colin’s (Luke Newton) love story will continue to blossom and what drama will unfold in the Ton.

However, another much-discussed feature of the series has to be the new season costumes. Since first hitting our screens back in 2020, Regency fashion and its influences have found their way into our modern wardrobes in various ways, and this trend is only set to grow this summer.

The show’s costume designer, John Glaser, has said that this season’s wardrobe references come from the 1960s and on-screen icons such as Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly.

“We find those looks to be classic, and a nice starting base for us to expand in different directions. In this season we have also gone into the 1970s to expand it further,” he says.

Whilst the whimsical, timeless gowns are bound to stick around, injections of slightly more modern styles mean that it is easier than ever to channel the Bridgerton look in your everyday wardrobe. Here’s how to do it.

Corsets with everything

The simplest and most authentic way to channel the Bridgerton look is by investing in a series of sophisticated corsets. Although they can sometimes have a lingerie-esque feel, there are plenty of ways to wear a corset to achieve a chic and timeless look.

Opt for a corseted top with long or full sleeves to achieve the Bridgerton shape without feeling too revealed. You can also layer your corset underneath cardigans or jackets, or counteract the tighter shape with a loose, flowing skirt that will create a unique yet comfortable silhouette.

Abstract patterns


“This season, we decided to make the costumes look like a painting,” explains Glaser. “We looked at old paintings, new paintings; there are no hard edges, no hard lines, and we’ve used a lot of ombre to make it look like a Matisse painting.

“The costumes have a blurred quality, so if you look at the fabrics, there are a lot of patterns, but you’re not really sure what the pattern is.”

Consider the type of patterns you usually opt for and seek out slightly softer, more abstract alternatives for the season ahead. If you tend to steer clear of prints altogether, introducing a smooth gradient of colour into your look is a simple way to try out the look.

Plunging necklines


Plunging necklines may not be to everyone’s taste, but they are typically Bridgerton. If you prefer to have a little more coverage day-to-day, you can wear a base layer and style it up with a lower cut corset or structured top to achieve the look in a less intimidating way.

If you go for a plunging dress or jumpsuit, a simple tee layered underneath makes the look more wearable for any occasion without distracting from the silhouette or cut.

Soft colour palettes

“The colours that we’ve used are a little softer than Season One, and much softer than Season Two,” says Glaser. This season’s palette comes in the form of “a little blur, just like in a painting, with soft interludes of colours.”

Pastels and lighter hues are always on trend for spring and summer, so this is one of the easiest Bridgerton looks to adopt. Baby blues, lilacs, pinks, and whites have featured heavily in the womenswear thus far, so we expect even softer takes on these shades to crop up throughout Season Three.

Introduce the slightly bolder colours, like pink and purple, by styling them with neutral hues that will help to soften the look and created the painted blur that Glaser has gone for.

Mixing textures

There is no shortage of texture in the Bridgerton wardrobes, which is what makes the standout looks so notable. Instead of sticking to one, try mixing and matching different tactile fabrics to master the look.

Pair lace sleeves with ribbed trousers, or a tulle skirt with a velvet top to make a Regency statement.  This is also a simple way to channel the style without investing in new wardrobe items that may not have longevity in your capsule wardrobe.

You can also use one of Glaser’s styling tricks and layer different fabrics and textures together to create an unusual and unexpected finish.

He says: “Instead of using just one layer of fabric, we use up to five layers of fabrics that you would never use by themselves — fabrics you would never look at, fabrics that don’t look period, but upon layering them it gives the blurred effect and the effect of a painting.”

Bridgerton Season 3 comes to Netflix on May 16.