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Why escorted travel is more popular than ever

Are you longing for a more immersive yet stress free escape? Destinations you may have felt were once out of reach are in mere touching distance in 2024

Daydream in Dubrovnik See something new with each look in delightful Dubrovnik

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There are so many incredible places in the world to explore to suit all sorts of interests. You may want to see historic landmarks, enjoy breathtaking natural scenery, experience new cultures, try local cuisines or to simply just relax and relish the opportunity to escape from the usual routine. However for some people who wish to visit their dream destination this seems near impossible, from trying to book the best accommodation near the top attractions to working out the logistics of travelling from one place to another; planning a holiday can be nerve-racking for various reasons. So it’s no wonder guided group holidays are becoming more popular as people are seeking more immersive yet stress free holidays in destinations which feel out of reach. Check out below these top reasons why you should consider an escorted tour holiday for 2024.

Dubrovnik has lots of hidden treasures

Experience extraordinary destinations

If you leave the planning to the experts, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ll have the best itinerary and see the main highlights of your chosen destination. A holiday in Europe has a lot to offer where diverse landscapes, rich history, and vibrant cultures await discovery. In Italy you can relax in Lake Garda, explore the Renaissance city of Florence or experience the stunning Amalfi Coast. On a trip to Spain see La Alhambra, explore the UNESCO Old Town of Dubrovnik in Croatia or unwind on the stunning Algarve beaches on a Portugal holiday. Perhaps you’re looking to go further afield on a long-haul holiday to locations like Vietnam, Japan or India, but you’re apprehensive about navigating with an unfamiliar culture or foreign language; the beauty of escorted holidays is you’ll have an expert guide with you all the way.

Antiquity awaits at every twist and turn in historical Florence

Expert Guides and Local Insight

You can do all the online research and read all the guide books, but usually the only way to get the true essence of a destination is from the expertise of local guides. They will have all the insights, know local customs, share cultural insights, hidden gems, recommend the best places to eat or provide tips on activities to do based on your interests during your free time. Plus, they will speak the local language, which helps break down any barriers, so they can help to order in a restaurant or get that shopping bargain in the marketplace. Having a local guide by your side throughout your holiday adds a personal touch and really helps to enhance the overall travel experience.

Sometimes the highlights of escorted travel is not only the places you visit, it’s the people you meet along the way

Unique Experiences

Guided holidays, especially on small group tours, can sometimes offer exclusive access to attractions and experiences that may not be available to independent travellers. Whether it’s a private tour of a palace in India or wine tasting at a family run vineyard in Tuscany, these unique opportunities truly enhance a holiday as you can delve deeper into the local culture and create memories that go beyond the typical tourist experience.

Efficient Use of Time Time is very precious, especially during city breaks. Guided holidays are designed to maximise the use of time, ensuring you get the most out of your trip. From skipping long queues at popular attractions to optimising travel routes, every aspect is carefully researched to ensure you get ample time to savour a destination and see the top sights.

Japanese Garden
Marvel at colourful Kyoto on a Highlights of Japan Tour


Escorted tour companies will carefully evaluate accommodation, transportation, and activities to ensure the highest level of safety. Plus if there are any issues like medical emergencies, lost passports or even cancelled flights, they will be there to help. Also, when you choose a company that is fully licenced and bonded, not only does this demonstrate trust and credibility, you will be protected.

Meet like minded people

Sometimes the highlights of escorted travel is not only the places you visit, it’s the people you meet along the way. Whether you’re travelling independently or with your partner or friends, usually you’ll be in a group with like-minded people and have a collective experience of exploring fantastic destinations. Travelling in a group has many benefits, especially for solo travellers, it provides the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. In fact, you often hear stories of people who meet for the first time on guided holidays and then organise to meet up again on another adventure!

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