Gladiators to return for second series on BBC

The second series was announced ahead of the final of the first series.

Gladiators will return (Guy Levy/BBC)
Gladiators will return (Guy Levy/BBC) (Guy Levy/BBC/PA)

Gladiators will return for a second series after a successful reboot on the BBC.

The announcement comes ahead of the final of the current series on Saturday night.

The reboot, hosted by Bradley Walsh and his son Barney, saw 16 new Gladiators enter the arena as classic events such as Duel and the Eliminator returned along with new events such as The Edge.

The current line-up comprises Gladiators Sabre, Legend, Nitro, Diamond, Phantom, Athena, Bionic, Fire, Giant, Dynamite, Viper, Electro, Apollo, Comet, Steel and Fury.

It has not been confirmed if the Walsh duo will return for the second series.

Kalpna Patel-Knight, head of entertainment at the BBC said: “Gladiators has really kicked this year off with a bang, and we’re so delighted that the fans have come to the show in their masses.

“It has been wonderful to hear how much families have loved watching this together, as part of the BBC’s Saturday evening entertainment offering. We can’t wait for more action from the Gladiators.”

Dan Baldwin, managing director for production company Hungry Bear Media, added: “It’s no exaggeration to say that the response to Gladiators has been phenomenal.

“The episodes have been packed with nail-biting drama, thrilling action and huge emotion.

“Series two will see the show go from strength-to-strength. We have some amazing surprises in store for the fans. Are you ready?!?”

Some six million viewers watched the return of Gladiators when it launched in January, with that figure growing to 9.8 million viewers over 28 days.

The final of Gladiators in on BBC One on Saturday at 5.50pm.