Daniel O'Donnell has a 'different perspective' on life now that he is in his 60s

Daniel O'Donnell has a new perspective on life
Daniel O'Donnell has a new perspective on life

Daniel O’Donnell has a “different perspective” on life now that he is older.

The 62-year-old singer - who is married to Majella O'Donnell and is stepfather to her Siobhan and Michael as well as step-grandfather to Olivia and Archie - explained that he likes to spend "more time at home" these days and even recorded his new album in two days to make sure he could spend time with his family.

He told Yours magazine: "You get a different perspective as you get older. I'm in my 60s now. It's not old, but I would like to be doing more things with family and grandchildren and have a little bit more time at home. I don't know that I will retire, but the touring may peter down a little.

"I recorded my new album in two days - I'm in and out like a flash. I just say to them, 'I won't get any better than that now, so there's no point in staying here all day!

"Getting married was the most life-changing event. It's fantastic.

"Apart from the fact of having Majella and her children Michael and Siobhan, I have three grandchildren now because I got married. I can't imagine life without them. They've made such a difference to me. I'm generally a very contented person. My new album is called 'How Lucky I Must Be' and it does represent where I've been over my 40-year career, but I didn't choose the title"

Meanwhile, the 'I Just Want to Dance With You' hitmaker went on to add that he tries to stay healthy by not drinking, not smoking, and enjoying everything else in "moderation" as he recalled that his mother lived to "a good age" without any big health worries.

He said: "My top tip for staying healthy is everything in moderation. I don't drink alcohol it's not because I hate drink, it just never entered into what I needed to do. I don't smoke, I don't drink tea or coffee and I try not to over-eat. But maybe I have good genes - my mother lived to a good age and never had any major health issues."