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New drive to promote Derry's air connectivity to the rest of the World

Loganair say its Derry to Heathrow air route potentially links the north west to 119 destinations across 56 countries

Derry's business community and Scottish airline Loganair have backed a new drive to promote the north west's connectivity to the rest of the World.

SCOTTISH airline Loganair has backed a new business drive to promote Derry’s connectivity to the rest of the world.

The regional carrier, which operates the publicly subsidised route between City of Derry Airport and London Heathrow, said the connection potentially links the north west to 119 destinations across 56 countries.

Speaking at a business event in Derry’s Everglades Hotel on Tuesday afternoon, the chief executive of Loganair, Jonathan Hinkles said: “As the UK’s largest regional airline, enhancing connectivity is one of our top priorities and it’s so important for the communities that we serve.

“Not only does the Heathrow route offer customers faster access to the heart of London and our vast range of partnerships with worldwide airlines at Heathrow, but it also creates new tourism opportunities to City of Derry and the wider region.”

Loganair, which took over the operation of the public service obligation (PSO) route in 2019, switched the government subsidised route to Heathrow airport in May 2023.

City of Derry Airport’s managing director said it marked a significant milestone for the airport and the wider north west region.

“Gaining international hub access is a substantial step in the economic and strategic growth of the region and our vision for the future of the Airport,” he said.

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Derry Chamber President Selina Horshi said: “The new City of Derry - London Heathrow service immediately enhances our attractiveness as a region and means that businesses already operating here have much better access to their customers and new markets.

“It also means that more visitors can come direct to the North West and enjoy all of the wonderful things we have in terms of our tourism and hospitality offering.”

Members of Derry's business community join City of Derry Airport boss Steve Frazer (left) and Loganair CEO Jonathan Hinkles (second from right) at the Everglades Hotel on Tuesday afternoon.

To mark the new connectivity drive, Loganair has launched a £59.99 sale on routes between City of Derry and London Heathrow from September 26 until October 1, for travel from 1st November onwards, subject to availability. For more information visit

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