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Dublin coffee chain adds FUEL to south Belfast's hospitality scene

FUEL's new coffee shop on Belfast's Lisburn Road.

A DUBLIN coffee business has opened its first healthy eating outlet in Belfast.

FUEL, which is owned by Belfast-born David Beggs, has two branches in Clontarf and Rathmines.

Its third outlet has opened on Belfast’s Lisburn Road after a £100,000 investment, a move creating eight jobs.

FUEL’s business model is based around ‘healthy, tasty, and vibrant food’.

“Having experienced some really good eateries in places like New York I wanted to bring the international love of and accessibility of healthy, tasty, and vibrant food home,” said Mr Beggs.

“Trends are changing, and people want high-quality food that is good for their body and soul.”

Belfast branch manager, Thom Moreland, said: “When customers arrive at FUEL they will be greeted with great coffee in a community-focused setting where they can choose from a range of everything from your healthy options such as protein pancake stack, sweet potato fritters and chorizo eggs all the way to your beautifully indulgent fresh dishes like our decadent french toast, breakfast burrito and range of pastries and protein balls.

David Beggs and Thom Moreland at FUEL's new health street food outlet in Belfast.

“One of the things we’ve found is that many groups of friends find it difficult to find something for everyone so we’ve curated a menu that gives you the option to choose the dish that suits you best, especially if you’re on a cheat day.

“All our produce is sourced locally, we have a wide range of gluten free and vegan options and our freshly squeezed, made on site juices, have become a firm favourite with our regulars.”

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