Four in five fleet vehicle orders are now EVs says Radius

Radius says 80 per cent of car orders in Northern Ireland are now for EVs or hybrid EVs
Radius says 80 per cent of car orders in Northern Ireland are now for EVs or hybrid EVs

GLOBAL mobility and connectivity leader Radius has revealed that 80 per cent of its car orders in Northern Ireland are for an equal split of electric (EV) or hybrid (PHEV) vehicles - up from just 18 per cent in 2019.

This significant growth highlights the increasing commitment of businesses in the north to combat climate change and improve air quality.

Radius ( uses telematics data to assess which vehicles are ready to switch to EV based on a number of factors including mileage and idle journey points.

Its data is then used to recommend a suitable EV vehicle to rent or lease, together with the charge point infrastructure which will best support these vehicles.

The addition of 100 per cent renewable and EV specific electricity tariffs completes the full range of services, fully supporting businesses through the complex energy transition.

Radius recently announced a £10 million investment into its EV division on the back of its acquisition of two EV solutions companies in England.

Radius Vehicle Solutions' Northern Ireland managing director Paul McGuire said: “It's great to see such an extraordinary acceleration in EV adoption here.

“The fact that the majority of car orders are now for electric or hybrid vehicles clearly demonstrates the growing awareness surrounding sustainable business practices and the benefits of having EVs.

“By leasing a vehicle, businesses can make the transition to an electric fleet without the initial upfront investment, making it easier to switch.

“We are proud to play a vital role in this transition, empowering businesses to embrace traditional-fuel alternatives with our end-to-end EV solutions."