PAC Group to invest £2m in new Barbour fabrication venture

PAC directors Gavin Rankin, Iain Parkhill, Gordon Burns and Darren Leslie
PAC directors Gavin Rankin, Iain Parkhill, Gordon Burns and Darren Leslie

ENGINEERING specialist PAC Group is investing £2 million and creating up to 20 jobs after acquiring the plant and machinery of Barbour Engineering in Bangor following its closure.

PAC Group has formed Barbour Engineering & Fabrication as a subsidiary, and will continue to specialise in metal fabrication for the aerospace, utilities and the manufacturing sector.

The company operates to support and future-proof the industrial and commercial sectors in the UK and Ireland by offering service for a diverse range of specialist electrical and mechanical engineering applications and solutions.

PAC Group business development director Darren Leslie said: “The metal fabrication work was highly regarded in several sectors, including aerospace.

“When the opportunity arose to acquire the equipment and create a new future for the Barbour Engineering brand, it was a perfect complement to our existing eight engineering divisions.”

Gavin Rankin, technical director of PAC Group (, said they want to develop and identify new opportunities for Barbour Engineering & Fabrication, as well as service existing customers.

“We are excited to be able to build on what has been done in the past, as well as what can be done to showcase the business’ capabilities,” he said.

“Metal fabrication is more than just shaping steel and aluminium, but it is about deciding the right applications for it, and how they can be developed.”

The £2m investment will see PAC Group work to enhance shop floor and back-office systems, as well as supporting opportunities for young people.

Mr Leslie added: “As well as looking to expand the workforce we want to invest in the future. Northern Ireland rightly has a tradition of excellence in engineering, and we want the next generation to be supported.

“We will have an apprentice programme at Barbour Engineering & Fabrication, with the first of those starting with us in the coming weeks.”

Other plans for Barbour Engineering & Fabrication include a complete rebrand of the business and employing on-site teams with specialisms in fit-out, welding and fabrication.