Cyber-security firm makes final of KPMG global tech innovator awards

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CYBER-security specialist Angoka is the only Northern Ireland firm to make it to the all-Ireland finals of the prestigious 2022 KPMG Global Tech Innovator awards.

Its unique solution, which integrates identity management and secure data communications, is pioneering in internet-of-things (IoT) security.

The technology is proving to be of value in the areas of autonomous vehicles, teleoperations of driverless logistics vehicles, and particularly attractive to the burgeoning area of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and drones.

The Ireland final will be broadcast online ( at 4pm on Thursday June 2.

Yuri Andersson, chief executive of Angoka, says the company’s technologies are unique to remotely operated vehicles and drones that are used for commercial and logistic purposes, including unmanned medical deliveries, site inspections, geographical surveys, search and rescue operations, and emergency services support.

“Angoka is fast becoming the go-to security solution for the growing drone industry,” he said.

“The rapidly expanding air mobility market consists of drone manufacturers, telecommunication companies, UAV traffic management systems and drone operators, with each requiring cyber-security solutions to ensure security at all levels of UAV flights and communications. We are involved in various consortiums, establishing partnerships and building a reputation in the UAV ecosystem.”

Angoka research and development teams have been perfecting systems for many transport and communications applications, including UAVs, which are vulnerable to a range of cyber attacks.

The aviation and aerospace sectors recognise the urgent and growing need to retrofit cyber-security solutions to protect the communications and ensure safe flight of these aircraft.

“Angoka’s technology is disrupting the status quo of cyber-security solutions by uniquely packaging connectivity, security and identification into one, easily implemented solution,” says Mr Andersson.

“This enables organisations to achieve and maintain a high level of cyber-security across their operations and unlock the great potential of drone usage for the benefit of our society, economy and environment.”

The finalists were selected from over 40 exceptional entries and will pitch their innovations and growth ambitions to a panel of judges including Anne Sheehan, general manager of Microsoft; Tommy Kelly, founder and CEO of eShopWorld (ESW); Elaine Coughlan, co-founder and managing partner of Atlantic Bridge; Chris McClelland, founding partner at Broadstone; and Seamus Hand, managing partner at KPMG Ireland.