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Colmcille is offering grants to groups wishing to foster ties between the Gaels of Ireland and Scotland

Robert McMillen

IF YOU are part of a cultural group that encourages singing in Irish and Scottish Gaelic, or run an Irish language youth group who would like to work with a similar group in Scotland or if you were a group of teachers who wanted to promote the learning of Irish among Scottish Gaelic speakers and vice versa, the Colmcille grant scheme is open now and applications and inquiries are welcome. 

To be eligible, your application must promote links and partnerships between Gaelic-speaking communities in Ireland and Scotland; awareness of links between Scottish and Irish Gaelic and their communities and heritage; awareness of St Colmcille or other early saints with Scottish links or awareness of their heritage.

Colmcille (or Columba) was born 1500 years ago. 

There will be commemorations throughout 2021 and this will be built on leading into 2022. 

Applications commemorating Colmcille and the heritage he left in Ireland Scotland and between the two countries, will be particularly welcome. Wherever the Project involves language (and most projects will, with the possible exception of some arts projects) it is vital that there is a place from Scottish or/and Irish Gaelic; it should not be in English only.

On top of this, the Colmcille Small Grants Scheme is open continuously and you can apply to it at any time.

Applications and inquiries about both schemes should be addressed to: and you can get more information from

:: Fermanagh and Omagh District Council are currently host on-line Irish language conversation circles for both adults and young people. The adult Conversation Circle takes place from 1pm-2pm every Friday while the Conversation Circle for young people runs from 4pm-5pm on Tuesday. 

These events are great in giving you a good opportunity to practice your Irish and meet other Irish speakers and learners.  

The Conversation Circle for young people is ideal for former Gaelscoil pupils who would like to keep their Irish alive.  

Please contact Fermanagh and Omagh District Council’s Irish Language Officer, Kevin Goodwin, at for more information.

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