Derry comic Mammy Banter is a total sell-out

Mammy Banter star Serena Terry

DERRY comedian Serena Terry, aka Mammy Banter, has sold out her debut stand-up tour Socially Needier.

The 18-date tour will see the social media-bred comic, who was named a Breakout Star by TikTok last year, performing across Britain and Ireland this summer, including two shows at Belfast's Waterfront Hall and three Millennium Forum dates in Derry.

“It’s just unbelievable," comments Serena, who made her stand-up comedy debut at the 2022 Edinburgh Fringe festival and has penned two Mammy Banter novels.

Mammy Banter's Socially Needier tour is already sold-out


"I never expected such a demand for tickets, or to see me live, if I’m being honest. That’s not me putting myself down in any way, I just thought I’d have to sell myself a bit more on the ground as audiences have been used to consuming my comedy online via videos or through my books for the last three years.

"It’s unbelievably flattering to know people want to see me deliver that live on stage and it is a massive confidence boost for someone who within the standup circuit, is still considered a newbie. I’m extremely grateful and humbled for that vote of confidence, I’ve a lot more freedom with my storytelling at a live show rather than being constrained by the time limits of short form content on TikTok, and that’s really exciting.”
Serena Terry's Mammy Banter videos have over 25 million likes on TikTok.

Joe Dougan, promoter at tour-backers Shine and TSW, claims the huge demand for Serena’s comedy is due to her hard work over the last three years online and as an author.

“The sheer demand for tickets and instant sellouts across every single venue in both the UK and Ireland is testament to Serena’s ardent and loyal fanbase who she’s grown single-handedly over the last few years," says Dougan.

Serena adds: “I’ll still be spitting out my TikToks as much as possible and I’ve a few other exciting projects on the go, but, due to me not wanting to burn myself out or enduring the worst case of wife and mammy guilt ever, I can’t see me finding the time to write the third book, but hopefully next year.

"If I can continue to make people laugh, and also begin to earn a living, I’m happy”.

Serena Terry, the brains behind Mammy Banter