Box sets, DVDs and downloads: Homecoming series two, Little Fires Everywhere, Control Z and Mythic Quest: Quarantine

Homecoming season two stars Janelle Monae
Homecoming season two stars Janelle Monae

HOMECOMING: Season 2 (10 episodes, streaming from May 22 exclusively on Amazon Prime Video, Thriller/Drama/Romance)

IN 2018, Julia Roberts headlined the tricksy 10-part mystery Homecoming about a caseworker at a top-secret facility, who loses memories of the past after she helps a soldier called Walter Cruz (Stephan James) with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to reintegrate into civilian life.

For the second series, directed by Kyle Patrick Alvarez, Janelle Monae leads the cast as an amnesiac, who regains consciousness in a rowboat in the middle of a lake. With no memory of simple details including her own name, the befuddled woman embarks on a quest for answers which leads to the shadowy Geist Group founded by Leonard Geist (Chris Cooper) and the nefarious Homecoming Initiative.

The fate of Walter Cruz, who continues to rebuild his life, becomes tightly bound to the heroine's odyssey and the fortunes of eccentric military officer Francine Bunda (Joan Cusack) and fast-rising Geist employee Audrey Temple (Hong Chau).

:: LITTLE FIRES EVERYWHERE (eight episodes, streaming from May 22 exclusively on Amazon Prime Video, Drama/Romance)

ADAPTED from the novel by Celeste Ng, Little Fires Everywhere is a 1990s-set drama series contrasting the fates of two families from opposite sides of the socio-economic divide.

Journalist Elena Richardson (Reese Witherspoon) savours a seemingly picture-perfect life with her lawyer husband Bill (Joshua Jackson) and four children, Lexie (Jade Pettyjohn), Trip (Jordan Elsass), Moody (Gavin Lewis) and Izzy (Megan Stott).

Elena rents a house to single mother Mia Warren (Kerry Washington), who struggles to make ends meet to care for her daughter Pearl (Lexi Underwood). The teenager befriends Moody and is welcomed into the hallowed halls of the Richardson home, where Pearl develops an unhealthy fixation on how the other half lives.

In order to keep a closer eye on Pearl, Mia agrees to work as Elena's housekeeper and the single mother becomes a silent observer to sibling rivalry and tensions that course beneath the pristine surface.

:: CONTROL Z (8 episodes, streaming and available to download from May 22 exclusively on Netflix, Thriller/Drama/Romance)

KNOWLEDGE is power in the serpentine Mexican drama Control Z set in the classrooms and corridors of El Colegio Nacional.

An anonymous hacker turns the school's rigid social order on its head by releasing the students' most intimate and embarrassing secrets for public consumption.

No one is safe as the most popular kids become targets for ridicule and bullying while outcasts are elevated above their peers.

Reclusive loner Sofia (Ana Valeria Becerril), who has a brilliant mind but questionable interpersonal skills, vows to unmask the hacker before they release more damaging information.

Sofia forges alliances for the first time, including a burgeoning friendship with Javier (Michael Ronda), and she gradually nurtures the ability to feel empathy for her distressed classmates.

:: MYTHIC QUEST: QUARANTINE (1 episode, streaming from May 22 exclusively on Apple TV+, Comedy/Drama/Romance)

A SPECIAL 30-minute instalment of the comedy series Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet, created by Rob McElhenney, Charlie Day and Megan Ganz for Apple TV+, premieres on the on-demand service during lockdown.

During the first series, video game developers led by creative director Ian Grimm (Rob McElhenney) experienced extreme highs and lows as they managed the biggest multiplayer video game in history.

For this episode, made by cast and crew working remotely in multiple locations, the team faces the challenge of working from home.

Ian and lead engineer Poppy Li (Charlotte Nicdao) are hit hard by solitude in isolation.

Meanwhile, lead writer CW Longbottom (F Murray Abraham) requires a tutorial on video conferencing from long-suffering assistant Jo (Jessie Ennis).