Lenny Harbinson

Rory Gallagher: A road less travelled and doing things on his terms

Can Derry win the All-Ireland? “In the Ulster final they won a game of chess and I think what you saw against Clare was Derry playing on the front foot and using all of their assets. They showed that they can go for the jugular in a significant game. Once they did that then they are serious contenders. “It seems to me Derry have the players to do it and have the ability to react to whatever happens in a game, that they’re not just a one-trick pony playing a certain way because I don’t think you win an All-Ireland if you just play defensive football. They’re a team that looks as if it has all the talent, athleticism and the ability to play in a number of different tactical ways.” – Former Antrim, Armagh and St Gall’s midfielder Mark McCrory /// “I don’t honestly think they can win an All-Ireland. I definitely think they can beat Galway but whoever comes out of the other semi-final I think will win it. But their journey and trajectory is so similar to where we were in 2012. People said: ‘Could they beat Kerry in the quarter-final? No. Could they beat Cork? No. Sure Mayo will beat them in the final…’” – Donegal’s 2012 All-Ireland winner Eamon McGee    /// “Yes, they could but I don’t think they will, and the reason is the likes of Dublin and Kerry have so much experience of playing big games at Croke Park. I think Dublin will reach the final and if Derry do as well imagine coming into that environment; nothing prepares you for that if you haven’t been there before. Dublin or Kerry have four or five scoring threats and all of a sudden you need another one or two of Chrissy McKaigues or Brendan Rodgers.” – St Gall’s 2010 All-Ireland winning manager Lenny Harbinson /// “I think they can win it. They’ve got the pace, the energy, the intelligence and their style will suit Croke Park. They showed against Clare they are adaptable to it. Anyone of the four teams left can win it. Derry have as good a chance as any.” – Former Fermanagh manager Dom Corrigan /// “I think they can get over Galway and if they do they will make it very, very ugly for whoever they play in the final. The way Derry play they can hammer you by a point. These Derry players are prepared to die for each other.” – former Fermanagh player Shane King

By Brendan Crossan