2024 GAA master fixtures: Trip to Kerry on opening weekend for Mickey Harte's Derry

Kerry and Derry will meet in the opening round of the AlIianz Football League six months after their All-Ireland SFC semi-final at Croke Park
Kerry and Derry will meet in the opening round of the AlIianz Football League six months after their All-Ireland SFC semi-final at Croke Park

A TRIP to Tralee in the opening round of the Allianz Football League is the first task facing new Derry manager Mickey Harte.

The Oak Leafs have failed narrowly in the past two seasons to make an All-Ireland final, but as Harte proved with his native Tyrone, National League success can be the bedrock to Championship glory.

It will be Derry’s first top flight game in the League since 2015 and they have been right down to Division Four and back since then.

A match away to the 2022 All-Ireland champions and this year’s runners-up is as tough as it gets for Harte’s men and will give them and will come six months after they were edged out of the All-Ireland semi-final by the Kingdom.

There’s a repeat of this year’s other All-Ireland semi-final on the opening weekend when Monaghan travel to Dublin to face the All-Ireland champions after running the Sky Blues close in the last four of the Championship in manager Vinny Corey’s first year in charge.

Armagh, relegated from Division One alongside Donegal, host Louth in a derby match to kick off their Division Two campaign while the Tir Chonaill men will be at home to Cork.

Fermangh travel to Meath  and Cavan are away to Kildare in Division Two while Ulster’s Division Three hopefuls Down and Antrim are both on the road, taking on Wicklow and Limerick respectively.

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Monaghan return to Dublin to face the All-Ireland champions on Saturday January 27
Monaghan return to Dublin to face the All-Ireland champions on Saturday January 27


Saturday January 27


Division 1: Kerry v Derry (5.30pm); Dublin v Monaghan (7.30pm)

Division 2: Meath v Fermanagh (2.30pm); Kildare v Cavan (5pm); Armagh v Louth (6pm)

Division 4: Laois v Longford (6pm); Tipperary v Carlow (6pm)

Sunday January 28


Division 1: Galway v Mayo (1.45pm); Tyrone v Roscommon, (3.45). 

Division 2: Donegal v Cork (1.45pm) 

Division 3: Limerick v Antrim (12.30pm); Clare v Sligo (2pm); Offaly v Westmeath (2pm); Wicklow v Down (2pm) 

Division 4: London v Wexford (1pm); Waterford v Leitrim (2pm)


Saturday February 3


Division 1: Mayo v Dublin (7.30pm) 

Division 2: Armagh v Meath (6pm); Fermanagh v Kildare (6pm) 

Division 3: Down v Limerick (6pm) 

Division 4: Carlow v Waterford (6pm); Wexford v Laois (6pm)


Division 1B: Galway v Westmeath (2pm); Dublin v Tipperary (2.30pm); 

Division 3A: Sligo v Cavan (2pm) 

Division 3B: Lancashire v Longford (1pm)

Sunday February 4


Division 1: Monaghan v Kerry (1pm); Roscommon v Galway (2pm); Derry v Tyrone, (3.45pm) 

Division 2: Louth v Cork (1pm); Cavan v Donegal (4pm) 

Division 3: Antrim v Offaly (2pm); Sligo v Wicklow (2pm); Westmeath v Clare (2pm) 

Division 4: Leitrim v London (1pm); Longford v Tipperary (2pm)


Division 1A: Clare v Cork (1.45pm); Kilkenny v Wexford (1.45pm); Offaly v Waterford (1.45pm) 

Division 1B: Limerick v Antrim (2pm) 

Division 2A: Kerry v Carlow (1pm); Laois v Down (2pm); Meath v Kildare (2pm) 

Division 2B: Roscommon v London (12.30pm); Derry v Tyrone (1.30pm); Wicklow v Donegal (2pm)

Division 3A: Louth v Monaghan (2pm); Mayo v Armagh (2pm) 

Division 3B: Warwickshire v Leitrim (1pm)

Saturday February 10


Division 1A: Wexford v Offaly (5pm); Cork v Kilkenny (7.30pm)

Division 2A: Down v Kerry (1pm) 

Division 2B: Donegal v Derry (2.30pm)

Division 3A: Cavan v Louth  (2pm) 

Division 3B: Leitrim v Fermanagh (2pm)

Sunday February 11


Division 1A: Waterford v Clare (1.45pm) 

Division 1B: Antrim v Dublin (1.45pm); Westmeath v Limerick (2pm); Tipperary v Galway, (3.45pm)

Division 2A: Carlow v Meath; Kildare v Laois (2pm)

Division 2B: London v Wicklow (1pm); Tyrone v Roscommon (2pm) 

Division 3A: Armagh v Sligo (2pm(; Monaghan v Mayo (2pm) 

Division 3B: Longford v Warwickshire (1pm)

Saturday February 17


Division 1: Derry v Monaghan (5pm); Dublin v Roscommon (5pm); Kerry v Mayo (7.30pm)

Division 2: Donegal v Fermanagh (2pm); Cork v Cavan (4pm) 

Division 4 : Laois v Carlow (6pm); Waterford v Longford (6pm)

Sunday February 18


Division 1: Tyrone v Galway (1.45pm) 

Division 2: Meath v Louth (2pm); Kildare v Armagh (3.45pm) 

Division 3: Antrim v Down (2pm); Limerick v Sligo (2pm); Offaly v Clare (2pm); Wicklow v Westmeath (2pm) 

Division 4: London v Tipperary (1pm); Leitrim v Wexford (2pm)

Saturday February 24


Division 1: Tyrone v Mayo (5.15pm); Dublin v Kerry (7.30pm) 

Division 3: Down v Offaly (6pm) 

Division 4: Wexford v Waterford (5pm)


Division 1B: Tipperary v Westmeath (4pm); Dublin v Limerick (5.15pm). 

Division 2A: Laois v Carlow (6pm). 

Division 2B: Tyrone v Donegal (3pm)

Division 3B: Fermanagh v Warwickshire (2pm); Leitrim v Lancashire (2pm)

Sunday February 25


Division 1: Galway v Derry (1.45pm); Roscommon v Monaghan (1.45pm) 

Division 2: Fermanagh v Cork (2pm); Louth v Cavan (2pm); Meath v Kildare (2pm); Armagh v Donegal (3pm) 

Division 3: Clare v Wicklow (2pm); Sligo v Antrim (2pm); Westmeath v Limerick (2pm) 

Division 4: Longford v London (1pm); Carlow v Leitrim (2pm); Tipperary v Laois (2pm)


Division 1A: Kilkenny v Offaly (1.45pm); Cork v Waterford (3.45pm); Wexford v Clare (3.45pm)

Division 1B: Antrim v Galway (1pm)

Division 2A: Down v Kildare (2pm); Kerry v Meath (2pm) 

Division 2B: Derry v London (1pm); Wicklow v Roscommon (2pm) 

Division 3A: Louth v Sligo (1pm); Mayo v Cavan (2pm); Monaghan v Armagh (2pm)


Saturday March 2


Division 1: Derry v Dublin (5pm); Mayo v Roscommon (7.30pm) 

Division 2: Fermanagh v Armagh (6pm) Cavan v Meath (7pm) 

Division 3: Limerick v Clare (6pm)

Division 4: Carlow v Wexford (7pm); Laois v London (7pm)

Sunday March 3


Division 1: Kerry v Tyrone (1.15pm); Monaghan v Galway (3.15pm) 

Division 2: Donegal v Louth (2pm); Cork v Kildare (3.30pm) Division 3 (2.0): Antrim v Westmeath; Down v Sligo; Offaly v Wicklow

Division 4: Longford v Leitrim (2pm); Tipperary v Waterford (2pm)

Saturday March 9


Division 1B: Westmeath v Antrim (3.30pm); Limerick v Tipperary (7.35pm)

Division 2A: Kildare v Kerry (2pm); Cavan v Armagh (2pm) 

Division 3B: Fermanagh v Lancashire (2pm); Longford v Leitrim (2pm)

Sunday March 10


Division 1A: Offaly v Cork (1.15pm); Clare v Kilkenny (1.30pm); Waterford v Wexford (3.30pm)

Division 1B: Galway v Dublin (1.30pm) 

Division 2A: Carlow v Down (1pm); Meath v Laois (2pm)

Division 2B: London v Tyrone (1pm); Roscommon v Donegal (2pm); Wicklow v Derry (2pm) 

Division 3A: Mayo v Louth (2pm); Sligo v Monaghan (2pm)

Saturday March 16


Division 1: Galway v Dublin (3.15pm); Tyrone v Monaghan (7.30pm). 

Division 2: Armagh v Cavan (5pm) 

Division 3: Wicklow v Limerick (3pm) 

Division 4: London v Waterford (1pm); Laois v Leitrim (4.15pm); Tipperary v Wexford (6pm)


Division 1A: Waterford v Kilkenny (3pm)

Division 1B: Antrim v Tipperary (3pm) 

Division 2A: Down v Meath (2pm); Kildare v Carlow (2pm); Laois v Kerry (2pm) 

Division 3A: Armagh v Louth (2.30pm); Cavan v Monaghan (2.30pm); Sligo v Mayo (2.30pm) 

Division 3B: Fermanagh v Longford (2.30pm); Warwickshire v Lancashire (2.30pm)

Sunday March 17


Division 1: Roscommon v Kerry (1.45pm); Mayo v Derry (3.45pm) 

Division 2: Louth v Fermanagh (1pm); Meath v Cork (1.45pm)

Division 3: Clare v Antrim (12.30pm); Sligo v Offaly (2pm); Westmeath v Down (2pm) 

Division 4: Longford v Carlow (2pm)


Division 1A: Offaly v Clare (1.45pm); Wexford v Cork (1.4pm) 

Division 1B: Dublin v Westmeath (1.45pm); Limerick v Galway (1.45pm) 

Division 2B : Derry v Roscommon (1pm); Donegal v London (1pm); Tyrone v Wicklow (1pm)

Saturday March 23/Sunday March 2

ALLIANZ HURLING LEAGUE semi-finals and relegation playoffs

Saturday March 23


Division 2: Cavan v Fermanagh (7pm); Cork v Armagh (7pm); Donegal v Meath (7pm); Kildare v Louth (7pm)

Sunday March 24


Division 1: Derry v Roscommon (1.45pm); Dublin v Tyrone (1.45pm); Kerry v Galway (1.45pm); Monaghan v Mayo (1.45pm)

Division 3: Antrim v Wicklow (2pm); Down v Clare (2pm); Offaly v Limerick (2pm); Sligo v Westmeath (2pm) 

Division 4: Carlow v London (1pm); Leitrim v Tipperary (1pm); Waterford v Laois (1pm); Wexford v Longford (1pm)

Saturday March 30/Sunday March 31


ALLIANZ HURLING LEAGUE finals (Division 2A, 2B, 3A & 3B)


Saturday April 6/Sunday April 7



Saturday April 6

Connacht SFC quarter-final: London v Galway

Sunday April 7

Connacht SFC quarter-final: New York v Mayo; Sligo v Leitrim.

Leinster SFC round one: Westmeath v Wicklow; Wexford v Carlow; Longford v Meath.

Munster SFC quarter-finals: Tipperary v Waterford; Limerick v Cork.

Ulster SFC preliminary round: Monaghan v Cavan.

Saturday April 13

Ulster SFC quarter-final: Down v Antrim

Saturday April 13/Sunday April 14

Christy Ring Cup round 1: Tyrone v London; Sligo v Kildare; Wicklow v Derry.

Nickey Rackard Cup round 1: Roscommon v Louth; Armagh v Donegal; Mayo v Monaghan.

Lory Meagher Cup round 1: Leitrim v Fermanagh; Longford v Lancashire; Cavan v Warwickshire.

Sunday April 14

Leinster SFC quarter-finals: Dublin v Longford/Meath; Kildare v Westmeath/Wicklow; Louth v Carlow/Wexford; Offaly v Laois.

Ulster SFC quarter-final: Fermanagh v Armagh.

Saturday April 20

Connacht SFC semi-final: Sligo/Leitrim v London/Galway.

Munster SFC semi-finals: Clare v Tipperary/Waterford;

Kerry v Limerick/Cork.

Ulster SFC quarter-final: Derry v Donegal

Saturday April 20/Sunday April 21

Joe McDonagh Cup round 1: Westmeath v Kerry; Down v Meath; Laois v Offaly.

Christy Ring Cup round 1: Kildare v Wicklow; London v Sligo; Derry v Tyrone.

Nickey Rackard Cup round 2: Donegal v Mayo; Louth v Armagh; Monaghan v Roscommon.

Lory Meagher Cup round 2: Fermanagh v Cavan; Warwickshire v Longford; Lancashire v Leitrim.

Sunday April 21

Connacht SFC semi-final: New York/Mayo v Roscommon.

Ulster SFC quarter-final: Tyrone v Monaghan/Cavan.

Leinster SHC round one: Kilkenny v Antrim; Wexford v Dublin; Galway v Carlow

Munster SHC round one: Clare v Limerick; Waterford v Cork.

Saturday April 27

Leinster SHC round 2: Antrim v Wexford; Carlow v Dublin.

Saturday April 27/Sunday April 28

Ulster SFC semi-finals: Derry/Donegal v Tyrone or Monaghan/Cavan;

Down/Antrim v Fermanagh/Armagh.

Joe McDonagh Cup round 2: Meath v Laois; Kerry v Down; Offaly v Westmeath.

Christy Ring Cup roun 3: Kildare v Derry; London v Wicklow; Sligo v Tyrone.

Nickey Rackard Cup round 3: Donegal v Monaghan; Louth v Mayo; Armagh v Roscommon.

Lory Meagher Cup round 3: Lancashire v Cavan; Warwickshire v Fermanagh; Longford v Leitrim.

Sunday April 28

Leinster SFC semi-finals: Dublin or Longford/Meath v Offaly/Laois; Kildare or Westmeath/Wicklow v Louth or Carlow/Wexford.

Leinster SHC round 2: Galway v Kilkenny.

Munster SHC round 2: Cork v Clare; Limerick v Tipperary.


Saturday May 4

Leinster SHC round 3: Wexford v Galway.

Munster SHC round 3: Waterford v Tipperary.

Saturday May 4/Sunday May 5

Joe McDonagh Cup round 3: Meath v Offaly; Kerry v Laois; Down v Westmeath.

Sunday May 5

Connacht SFC Final.

Munster SFC Final.

Saturday May 11

Leinster SHC round 3: Dublin v Antrim; Carlow v Kilkenny.

Munster SHC round 3: Cork v Limerick.

Saturday 11th/Sunday 12th

Tailteann Cup round 1

All-Ireland U20 Championship semi-final.

Christy Ring Cup round 4: Tyrone v Kildare; Wicklow v Sligo; Derry v London.

Nickey Rackard Cup round 4: Roscommon v Donegal; Mayo v Armagh; Monaghan v Louth.

Lory Meager Cup round 4: Cavan v Longford; Fermanagh v Lancashire; Leitrim v Warwickshire.

Sunday May 12

Leinster SFC Final.

Ulster SFC Final.

Saturday May 18

Leinster SHC round 4: Dublin v Kilkenny

Saturday May 18/Sunday May 19

All-Ireland SFC round 1 (Involving Munster & Connacht finalists).

Tailteann Cup Round 2

All-Ireland U20 Championship Finals (A&B).

Joe McDonagh Cup round 4: Westmeath v Meath; Laois v Down; Offaly v Kerry.

Christy Ring Cup round 5: Tyrone v Wicklow; Sligo v Derry; London v Kildare.

Nickey Rackard Cup round 5: Roscommon v Mayo; Armagh v Monaghan; Louth v Donegal.

Lory Meagher Cup round 5: Leitrim v Cavan; Longford v Fermanagh; Lancashire v Warwickshire.

Sunday May 19

Leinster SHC round 4: Carlow v Wexford; Antrim v Galway.

Munster SHC round 4: Clare v Waterford; Tipperary v Cork.

All-Ireland SFC round 1 (Involving Leinster & Ulster finalists).

Joe McDonagh Cup round 5: Westmeath v Laois; Down v Offaly; Kerry v Meath.

Sunday May 26

Leinster SHC round 5: Kilkenny v Wexford; Galway v Dublin; Antrim v Carlow.

Munster SHC round 5: Limerick v Waterford; Tipperary v Clare.


Saturday June 1/Sunday 2

All-Ireland SFC round 2

Tailteann Cup round 3 (Neutral).

Christy Ring Cup Final.

Nickey Rackard Cup Final.

Lory Meagher Cup Final.

All-Ireland U20 Hurling Championship Final.

Saturday June 8

Leinster SHC Final.

Joe McDonagh Cup Final.

Saturday June 8/Sunday June 9

Tailteann Cup preliminary quarter-finals.

Sunday June 9

Munster SHC Final.

Saturday June 15/Sunday June 16

All-Ireland SFC round (neutral venues).

Tailteann Cup quarter-finals

All-Ireland SHC preliminary quarter-finals

Saturday June 22

All-Ireland SHC quarter-finals.

Saturday June 22/Sunday June 23

All-Ireland SFC preliminary quarter-finals.

Sunday June 23

Tailteann Cup semi-finals

Saturday June 29/Sunday 30

All-Ireland SFC quarter-finals

All-Ireland SHC relegation play-off


Saturday July 6

All-Ireland SHC semi-final (Leinster winner v quarter-final winner).

Sunday July 7

All-Ireland SHC semi-final: Munster winner v quarter-final winner.

Saturday July 13

Tailteann Cup Final

Saturday July 13/Sunday July 14

All-Ireland SFC semi-finals

Sunday July 21

All-Ireland SHC final.

Sunday July 28

All-Ireland SFC final