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Donegal chairman McGrath calls on Association to rally round

Donegal GAA has been urged to stand together in the battle again coronavirus.
Picture Margaret McLaughlin
Gerry McLaughlin

Donegal’s top GAA official has called for the Association in the county to “circle the wagons” in the fight against the dreaded Covid 19.

And, county chairman, Mick McGrath added:

“Nobody is going to do this for us from outside, so we have to circle the wagons from within if we want to win this battle”.

“There will be plenty of time for playing and partying in the future if we abide by the rules and win this battle”.

“It is up to us as an Association to rally together and follow the instructions that have been sent out.”

“There are more important things than GAA and matches and we have to remember what is really important in times like these”.

McGrath, who owns a public house in Ballyshannon called on all publicans in the county to close down until March 29 as he announced his own closure.

The Aodh Ruadh club man welcomed the generous response from the clubs throughout the county to the unprecedented crisis

As the dreaded Covid 19 has decimated GAA fixtures in the county, many clubs are practically embodying the old Irish adage of “Ni neart go cur le cheile” which means “there is no strength until unity”.

“I want to commend the generosity of many of the clubs in the county who are showing what the GAA is really all about”.

“It is heartening to see clubs giving out contact details to those in need and their offers to bring groceries, prescriptions and fuel to the elderly and the vulnerable and social media is a great help here.

“And for the foreseeable future our members will have more time on their hands, more time for their lonely neighbours and for those who need help.

“We can win this battle but only if we all stick together”.

He added:

“I am also calling on all publicans in the county to close their doors as I am doing with mine.

“I am sure we will all still be around by the time this virus has passed and it will pass”.

Meanwhile McGrath urged all Gaels to work within the guidelines laid down by the HSE and the government.

“Older people should self-isolate but be given every help, and younger people should stay away from older people and vice versa.

“The disease can incubate for 14 days and that is worrying, the young people will think they are getting a dose of the flu for a few days, but it can be a lot more serious for the elderly or those with an underlying condition.

“As a sporting community organization, we will do our utmost to help by showing good example by what we do as much as what we say we are going to do.

“I wish to repeat that there is a total blanket ban on all GAA activities”.

“And we all should keep calm, follow the guidelines, use common sense and I am asking all clubs to have a blanket ban on get togethers and let’s communicate by phone.

“Let us not let our youth who are young and strong, think that we are being over fussy.

“Let’s explain the dangers to our young players that this is something that has not happened before and that there is no rule on it.

“We are using our experience of life to guide them through this, but we want to emphasise that this will be for a relatively short time if we play by the rules.

“There will be much more anti- social measures imposed on us if we do not follow what we are told to do now”.

“There will be plenty of time for playing and partying in the future if we abide by the rules and win this battle”.


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