Frustration all round as Tottenham and Liverpool share spoils

Matt Beard’s Liverpool side had to settle for a point (Tim Markland/PA)
Matt Beard’s Liverpool side had to settle for a point (Tim Markland/PA)

Tottenham and Liverpool shared the points at Brisbane Road with both managers frustrated with their sides not putting the game to bed.

Celin Bizet Ildhusoy broke the deadlock for Tottenham, winning the ball back in her own half and tearing through the Liverpool defence for a superb solo effort.

Liverpool to level the score in the second half as Sophie Roman Haug’s towering header cancelled out the strike.

Reds manager Matt Beard was unhappy with his side’s overall performance.

“I wasn’t pleased with the first half,” Beard said. “We rode our luck a little bit.

“I think we finished the stronger out of the two teams, a little bit disappointed at the end with the way we were gifting chances, not clearing our lines.

“I don’t know if we have got away with one, but plenty of learnings today.”

Beard’s frustrations come from a string of games where Liverpool, despite looking the stronger team, were only able to come away with draws.

“We’ve drawn here today, draw at West Ham where we could have won,” he said. “So if you look last year, we did not win a game on the road.

“This year we’re unbeaten, so I think for us it’s just about making sure if we can’t get three points, we get one.”

Tottenham manager Robert Vilahamn made similar comments, frustrated with his side settling for another draw, their second consecutively after they were also pegged back by Everton.

“Football is about winning so we need to learn how to win, and it takes time,” he said

“So right now, we are struggling with winning the games but once again, we are in a good phase; the girls are brilliant.”

Whilst Vilahamn admitted his concerns that Tottenham are not putting games to bed after taking an early lead, he added that he believes his side will get there with a bit more time and development.

“We want to score more goals; we don’t want to defend one-zero,” he said.

“I know, for instance, the same scenario last week, but it’s easier said than done to score goals.

“Yes, we want to do that, but it’s a hard situation. I think in the long (run), we’re going to do that, but we’re not there yet.

“We are in this transformation thing where we actually dictate games, but we need one more step in the development.”