Cost of living help available for every household

Rising everyday costs have put many people under financial pressure but there are more than 40 schemes to help ease the burden. It’s easy to check online if you’re eligible and find out how to access support

Help to cope with the increased cost of living is now available for every household in the UK and some may be eligible for additional support.


Whether you’re a busy parent struggling with household bills, a pensioner needing to boost your income or have a disability and are facing extra costs, you can find out what support is available to you via the Government’s Help for Households website.

Initiatives to manage expenses such as childcare, transport, utility bills, home broadband and food can all be found at

The site also highlights new, exceptional one-off payments as well as existing benefits that some might not be claiming. Eligibility criteria applies to many of the schemes, so log on to check what you are entitled to and join the thousands of households already getting help.

People who use pre-payment meters are receiving monthly discount vouchers from their energy suppliers to be redeemed at Post Offices or PayPoint shops, as directed.

Bill-payers are being advised to beware of scams and reminded that their bank details won’t ever be requested.

You may be able to save money in places you don’t expect – for example, if you are struggling to afford your phone and broadband services you may be eligible for cheaper rates.

The Help for Households website also suggests practical steps that people can take to stretch their budgets. There are tips about energy-saving, basic home improvements and links to trusted agencies who offer guidance if you have money worries or need answers to your questions.

To find out more about the essential support you or your household can get and to apply, visit

Some schemes to help cut household costs include:

Help with childcare

Families could be entitled to up to £2,000 a year of tax-free childcare per child (or £4,000 if you are disabled). Alternatively, working families could get help with up to 85 percent of childcare costs with Universal Credit, as well as 30 hours of free childcare for three and four-year-olds.

Help with pensions

People eligible for Pension Credit will find it can top up their income and give access to other support, such as help with rent and a free TV licence for those aged over 75 years.

Help with managing finances offers impartial guidance, debt advice and a range of tools to help make your money and pension choices clearer.